25 thoughts on “Jay Cutler Living Large Episode 3 – Workouts, Training Tips, Nutrition – Bodybuilding.com

  1. Great video, I can’t help but notice some of the color grading looks like
    the ones from my effects packs, I doubt it is but that would be an honor if
    they used them!

  2. They dont eat sufficiently to fuel that [4-5 workouts a week]. This is so
    true. I find it so hard to eat, especially when going to school full time
    and working. 

  3. This is actually the life of a battery chicken or a goose, fed to produce
    foie gras. Where is the skill, the artistry, the passion, the joy?
    Miserable freakin’ existence….and I don’t think the zits are caused by
    potato chips. Not unless you’re injecting them in your ass!

  4. The reason I liked arnold better is because he actually seemed he enjoys
    bodybuilding. This guy is just complaining. Aarnold use to do wake up at
    6am and by 10am he’d be done and ready for the day. This guy just spends
    his whole day lifting weights and sitting on his laptop and eating. Aarnold
    did it because bodybuilding is what he enjoys. It seems like Jay is
    sticking with it for the fame, money and girls.

  5. Holy shit! I’ve lost track of all these documentaries since ’10, did Jay
    divorce that blonde woman? She kinda looked stuck up and monotone like. No
    wonder this guy lost the O, can’t train properly with that shit on your
    mind! It’s all down hill for this guy now, rapid break down both
    mentally/physically, needs to retire asap, take the next exit for the
    Gaspari route=Cutler Nutrition=big bills!!!

  6. lol 5-10 years? a natural person will never attain this size, ever, not
    even close. a person spending copious amounts of money on drugs (20k+ a
    year) that trains for 5-10 years will also most likely not reach this
    level. the ifbb guys spend atleast 50k a year on drugs. not to take
    anything away from their training/diet but drugs play a huge, HUUUUGGE role
    in un-tested AND tested bodybuilding.

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