Joel Embiid and Zion need to lose weight – Charles Barkley Get Up

Charles Barkley joins Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose on Get Up and explains why Joel Embiid and Zion Williamson need to lose some weight to sharpen their game.

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20 Responses to Joel Embiid and Zion need to lose weight – Charles Barkley Get Up

  1. VBLN says:

    Zion gotta get to Lebron Miami weight. Like 250-260

  2. The Burner Account says:

    I'm pretty sure Zion is more muscle than fat.

  3. Elusive Poet says:

    People are super bored while waiting for the Basketball Season. Kid just got drafted and everyone wants his workout and dietary plans. College Basketball doesn't care about the players. I'm sure he'll get right with his team. Dude unwinds 3 months after the College Basketball season and everyone's yelling foul over a summer league game situation. I thought the football post-season was a snore…

  4. Pens Suck says:

    Damn, some of you young NBA fans are dumb as fuck. Ya'll really don't know who the fuck Charles Barkley is? Aside from Jordan, I don't think there's been a more dominant non-center in the NBA in the last 20 years. LeBron James shot under .500 his first six years in the NBA. Charles Barkley shot over .500 each of his first six years, shooting .600 in his sixth year. And the man gave you double digit rebounds 15 of his 16 years of his NBA career. LeBron doesn't compare to Charles, frankly. Zion will be lucky if his game ever approaches Charles's game. You people anointing players Hall of Famers before they do jack shit in the NBA are ridiculous. It's like potential only matters but not what you've actually accomplished. GTFOH with your dumbass comments about a player better than LeBron James, whom you idiots worship.

  5. Derrick McRae says:

    Chuck is 100% right on this!

  6. Rudie Obias says:

    Charles Barkley is a national treasure!

  7. Lone Wolf NWJ says:

    DeMarcus Cousin has lost a lot of weight recently

  8. Kenric Polart says:

    There are 2 things that are for sure when a college player is being predicted by fans to be a bust in the NBA.
    #1 is the college player is playing great basketball. #2 the person predicting the player to be a bust doesn't like the player.

  9. Harley Inglis says:

    Joel actually been looking trimmer now who knows he might play 70 plus games

  10. king_has_no_cloths kul says:

    never believe mens salary n height and womans age. both lie 90% of the time. they are worse than WWE. in WWE they announce he is 5 ft 11, 220 pounds as though that weight means nothing. the guy is normally 5 ft 8 and 170 pounds! that is utterly egregious and comical.
    200 pounds is heavy weight in boxing.

  11. Roderick Kearns says:

    He's always been the first to admit he let his weight limit his potential. Being in shape and staying healthy is the first part of being successful in this league.

  12. stelzi290888 says:

    They could join Melo on his boat

  13. Australia says:

    I like how everyone’s hating towards literally no one who supposedly are shitting on Charles

  14. Emmanuel Negron says:

    That's true they are tooooo damn heavy lol

  15. Israel Lett says:

    Funny how skinny embid was in high school

  16. BaXninja says:

    lmao, joel embiid is skinny for his height.

  17. HORSE - D says:

    Says the man who ate a extra-large pizza with bacon after every NBA game he played….🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🥓🥓🥓

  18. kasper rieberg says:

    I agree with Chuck ! That’s one of the reassons Embiid is hurt all the time
    And their carrers won’t be long with all that weight

  19. Ben Dizon says:

    The player who would tell to tell embiid to lose weight is jimmy butler.. and he’s gone

  20. Joe Johnson says:

    Idk why people say embiid needs to lose weight and is out of shape. He's mobile and strong. He's in good shape

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