John Meadows Best Gyms In America | Bob's Fitness Complex

John Meadows Best Gyms In America | Bob's Fitness Complex

This could be my favorite gym ever. Bob’s Fitness Complex might look like just another avrige gym from the outside but its far from that. If you can think of a piece of equipment they have it. And if they don’t just talk to Bob and he will make it happen. If you are a bodybuilder, crossfitter strongman, powerlifter, or just the average weekend warrior this is the gym for you. You will not be judged and that’s how it should be. If you ever get the chance to come you wont be sorry.

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On June 1, 1996 we officially opened our 20000 sq.ft. gym for business and I fulfilled dream of providing the community where I grew up with a superior equipped fitness facility that people can go to workout and get treated like family. I believe with providing the correct environment combined with equipping your facility with enough and the best equipment selection then anyone can dare to dream and achieve their individual fitness goals from young to old, athletic or weekend warrior. My team and I can make a difference in people’s lives. I have sold many memberships where our facility was the first workout that members have ever had and everytime it reminds me of my past and how much responsibility my team and I have to each person that walks through our door that I meet. That first workout with us could be the beginning of something beautiful and great for that member.

In the fall of 2010 I decided that our business had grown in such a way that the name Powerhouse Gym did not represent what our business had become or the members that we service. So staying true to my beliefs and following my heart, I decided to change the name of my business to Bob’s Fitness Center – “Your Neighborhood Gym”. I feel that the name fits who really are today. I really enjoy the intimacy that me and my team can have from day to day operational contact with our members. I have always had aspirations of providing our level of service and equipment selection to other communities than the Bellevue/South Omaha community, but if in my lifetime, I only own one gym and it is our gym in Bellevue where me and my team can service our neighbors and our friends than I have had a great life and one that my family can be proud of me for.
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I know that our members really appreciate being able to talk to me. As many of you know I am not pretentious by any means and I love our members. I really enjoy listening to what their thoughts, idea’s, and concerns are about our gym. I love our gym and members so much that I will do whatever I can to ensure that they have a great place to workout. ​​​​​​​​

In 2013 we expanded our facility by adding a 7000 sq.ft. CrossFit Room and a 3000 square foot specialty strength room for the Powerlifting/Strongman Enthusiasts. At the time we established a license CrossFit Affiliate : CrossFit BFC and our CrossFit room had every piece of equipment that a stand alone CrossFit Box had. After a 18 months we decided to drop the affiliate and open the room up to all of our members all of the time. It has been very well received and more of our members are exposed to different types of equipment and training. the Specialty Strength Room was put together for the strongman/powerlifting enthusiasts. This area is located in the back of our gym and some what isolated so that our members that compete in Powerlifting Competitions have the ability to mimic the Competition day prep. This area provides equipment from Elite FTS, HammerStrength, Legend Fitness, Rogue, Westside Barbell, Ivanko and Texas Power Systems. Any person wanting to train for a competition or just want to workout on what the pro’s do, we got you covered.

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20 Responses to John Meadows Best Gyms In America | Bob's Fitness Complex

  1. mountaindog1 says:

    I just read through the comments and I want to thank you all so much for your comments and support of this awesome gym. This makes me really happy to see such appreciation for guys like Bob and gyms of this caliber….bless you all.

  2. Daniel Pacheco says:

    how much would gym membership be at a place like this ?

  3. Zachary Sunday says:

    I have a couple kettle bells and dumbbells. This gym is overwhelming.

  4. Xanode says:

    1:40 cameraman: "ohh shes hot, Shit focus back onto equipment!"

  5. Juan gjj says:

    Salut from a police officer from argentina!!!

  6. Old School Muscle says:

    I'd be like a kid in a candy store in this gym.

  7. mastermind says:

    All the greats of decades ago used basic gyms and basic bodybuilding exercises. It is, of course, nice to have a superb gym like this, but if you really love the sport, all you need is determination, knowledge, sacrifice and willpower. Once you have all these, any gym will do.

  8. mitch B says:

    How much did this gym cost? What a well thought out and designed gym. May not atract the latte crowd though. Gym porn. Im going blind. Why not in Japan were Im from.

  9. RAT BURL BEER says:

    The Chuck E Cheese of the fitness world 😄

  10. Mike Brian says:

    I could spend all day in this gym!!! Amazing John….. thanks for this video.

  11. Stan Kormy says:

    Amazing equipment!

  12. Gary Priest says:

    🤯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻that’s incredible

  13. Gareth Tomlinson says:

    I will visit omaha nebraska now just to go to this gym. Thanks JOhn & Bob!

  14. David Zarate Jr. says:

    I can't believe how much equipment is there, Bob you are the greatest owner ever, and you seem to care about your staff and customers and that shows I wish I lived out there that would be my gym. just one question how much is membership. I want to thank you Mountaindog for always bringing the best Videos, you too are a great man, keep up the good work, always working hard.

  15. Baja Benji says:

    So happy to have this as my gym

  16. Matthew Walter says:

    They almost got ran over by that guy scooting by. You gotta look both ways before you cross the turf. Lol!!!

  17. Ahmad Awawdeh says:

    I love this series , maybe after you finish all gyms in the state do world version 🙂

  18. Larry McGoldrick says:

    Fitness Disney Land…Awesome!!! 🤗🤗🤗

  19. bill porter says:

    best gym i have seen

  20. ChrisCo says:

    Bob's is in my hometown! Awesome gym! Actually Bellevue, NE, suburb of Omaha. Near Offutt AFB and a 5 min drive to the Omaha Zoo and where the CWS is played.

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