Justin Bieber – Sorry | The Fitness Marshall | Dance Workout

Justin Bieber - Sorry | The Fitness Marshall | Dance Workout

A fun easy to follow cardio dance fitness routine to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

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20 Responses to Justin Bieber – Sorry | The Fitness Marshall | Dance Workout

  1. The Fitness Marshall says:

    JOIN THE BOOTY ARMY http://bit.ly/bootyarmy

  2. Veronica Davis says:

    Omg i love it

  3. NeelTheSphynx says:

    This video, today, was used for an advertisement for Just Dance.

  4. 72Avo says:

    So um I was this on an AD xD

  5. Ray Chanta says:

    Am I the only one thinking what a great workout this must be… as I eat chips in my bed? 🤣🤣

  6. Vini Souza says:

    Omg dude, don't know how i got here, but im tried to copy this and failed miserably lol, But i'll keep practicing and try to exercise myself more, tks, amazing video

  7. Soso33333 88 says:


  8. VOTT multimedia says:

    The best.

  9. Dean Robinson says:

    Watching his videos, makes me feel like going out clubbing, and I'm almost 50.

  10. Queen Aroha says:

    Imagine if u had ur own ad in your own video! XD

  11. طمـ ـاطـ ـه says:

    فلك طرك 😑😂😂

  12. Bomge Riram Bomge Riram says:

    It just a cool

  13. Maria Oddo says:

    Omg I love your videos I dance to everyone that u do🥰

  14. Tasneem Ahemd says:

    I literally got an ad of this video…..while watching this video….



  16. Audrey Harrell says:

    Can you teach us how to roll our bodies

  17. Kimara Gentles says:

    I can't dance but I want to exercise and these are helping me thanks Marshall

  18. Kyle says:

    Dude that white girl tries WAY to hard it looks like she broke her damn body ☠️☠️🤣🤣

  19. Людмила Деньга says:

    Всём, удачи, не вижу русских коментариев

  20. Людмила Деньга says:

    Начинаю, танцевать именно с этого танца, балдею……

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