Kayla’s Bikini Body VS Freelee’s Banana Girl Diet Plans

Anji responds to viewers’ requests to discuss Kayla Itsine’s ‘Bikini Body Guide’ VS Frelee The Banana Girl’s fitness plan. Kayla sells her 3 Bikini Body Guide books for nearly each, while…
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25 thoughts on “Kayla’s Bikini Body VS Freelee’s Banana Girl Diet Plans

  1. Thanks Anji 🙂 Well researched video with great observations, some of which
    I didn’t even notice myself. I’m glad you can see I’m not ‘all about the
    money’ and genuinely want to help make this world a better place. Hopefully
    we will still get to LA!

  2. I spent like 2 or 3 days just watching all of Freelee’s old videos when I
    first went rt4 vegan and that’s all I needed. We’re so lucky she’s so open
    and generous

  3. Same figures…..except Kayla is a LITTLE GIRL in her early 20s……..and
    freelee is a GROWN WOMAN in her later 30s probably. Let’s see Kayla in
    another 15 years after all that saturated fat and starvation.

  4. Kayla’s program really isn’t all that differently promoted to the Ashy
    Bines Bikini Body Challenge that came out here. Well, Kayla’s is a lot more
    expensive. Girls were going crazy for it and it got a lot of media. The
    majority of girls I worked with at a childcare centre were on it too and
    they’ve tried out Kayla’s plan. And then they move on to try and get
    results from the next person. Almost all of them do great, then they
    rebound. But as always they need the next thing. That’s all I think this is
    with Kayla’s program. To be honest that’s all it is. I’d tried the Michelle
    Bridges program probably 3x before I found the high carb plant based
    lifestyle and you get a lot more out of it than just weightloss/fitness.
    That’s what’s good about the Freelee vids, they’re a constant
    reminder/motivation to be patient and that it really is more than just
    about the diet!

  5. Agree completely. Kayla makes it hard to tell exactly what she promotes
    until you buy her stuff. Freelee’s videos, Facebook, blog and Instagram
    makes it very clear what to do. 

  6. I know why kayla doesn’t put out any info on her diet plan, it’s because
    she wants everyone to fork over the $120 or more to buy her plan where’s
    Freelee doesn’t, it’s all about greed, Kayla is money hungry and the only
    reason she is suing Freels and DR is because she doesn’t want ppl waking up
    to the fact that her diet plan is the oldest trick in the diet scam book
    she doesn’t want to lose her cash cow, the truth is kayla did certificates
    in fitness, in fact they are the same certs my daughter did in high school
    in year 11 and 12 and in no way do they teach u how to scam ppl in these
    courses and they only have like 1 unit in nutrition kayla is NOT qualified
    to be a diet guru and I strongly believe ppl need to stop listening to her
    and stop buying her scam program.

  7. I am so blessed to have found Freelee. Without her free and available
    advice I would still be obese. Last January I weighed 210 lbs. Now I weigh
    145 lbs and I am not afraid or obsessed with calories anymore and so I can
    not support a meat eating diet because most of my life none of them have
    worked and in one year raw till 4 diet worked for me and I’m so happy and
    proud to be vegan!

  8. You’re right, they have pretty much the same figure, in addition Freelee is
    12 years older and, unlike Kayla, is not restricting her diet!

    What amazes me is when people are accusing Freelee of being anorexic bitch,
    however those same people probably take Kayla as being “fit”!

  9. Freelee does this happily for a living and helping others is her main
    priority, kayla supposedly does this to help others but it’s obvious her
    main priority is the money. Thousands of people who have not even gave
    Freelee a single cent are voicing out their support while kayla on the
    other hand are struggling to get her paid clients to come out and support
    her via testimonials. Like Anji said in this video, the glaring truth is
    like night and day.

  10. How can you claim to promote “clean eating” when you suggest meat, eggs,
    and dairy? How can you claim to care about people when you’re raping their
    bank accounts in exchange of information that’s temporary and destructive?
    My mind won’t be able to cope if Kayla wins.

  11. We bought the guides for 119$. We asked for a refund but ‘customer service’
    ignored my repeated emails.

    How does it ‘work’?

    Page 47 and page 69 state that ” the daily food intake guidelines are based
    on 1600cals a day”. World Health Organisation states that anything under
    2100 calories a day is considered starvation. This is evidenced by a quick
    google search “WHO 2100 calories starvation”. Based on the calorie
    guidelines set out for adults by the WHO its in my honest opinion this is
    effectively a starvation program.

    We feel by her instagram posts that she makes the assertion that only
    certain types of bodies are allowed to wear bikinis. We strongly disagree
    with this.

    Ive lost count how many young women I see in person and on social media who
    develop eating disorders from following starvation diets for months on end.

  12. the interesting drama twist in all this was fullyfake posting the love and
    unicorn photo with kayla. as DR keeps saying, real situations expose fake

  13. if each of the programs is legal then its a persons choice to make a pick,
    and while the YT vegans are gonna go with FRELEE, it seems clear that KAYLA
    has a huge following as well.

    while the merits of each can be debated, it probably wont matter much to
    those that have chosen their favorite.

    loyalty can easily skew actual reality.

  14. Anji responds to viewers’ requests to discuss Kayla Itsine’s ‘Bikini Body
    Guide’ VS Frelee The Banana Girl’s fitness plan.

  15. You do pay something if you watch Freelee’s videos. You pay with your time
    when watching ads, and also with money if you end up buying something from
    the ad that you don’t really need. That is if you don’t use adblock of
    course. So all the money she’s making on youtube from her 300,000
    subscribers is indeed payed by her viewers. And most people probably don’t
    think about this, their time is wasted without them really knowing it,
    which is sad. I do support Freelee however, but just wanted to point that
    out. Youtube isn’t really free.

  16. BBC TV – ‘Eat to Live Forever with Giles Coren’ – it’s good to watch it for
    a laugh, it’s on iplayer & you can skip to near the end to catch you both &
    your fruitluck – & then a doctor’s thoughts on the fruitarian diet!

  17. Do you guys know you were on UK TV last night (with Izzy and Robby)? You
    appeared in part of a documentary on diets that increase lifespan (they
    looked at fruitarian, low calorie and Paleo) and I think the presenter
    crashed one of your fruit lucks!

  18. Oh my god I just ran out of dates today. I didn’t have my dateoraid and I
    can tell I was eating junk today. Its amazing of how much that really does
    control your sugary, fat cravings. Ugh it won’t be till 3 weeks when I can
    get dates again. I don’t know how I’m going to make it. 

  19. Off topic, Anji and Ryan Im loving your videos. You’re so chilled out and
    it chills me out to watch you.

    Not discussing the content of each lifestyle/program aside, I agree that
    Freelee’s approach would be my choice in terms of getting to see results
    and step by step approach. But I also think it’s important to acknowledge
    Freelee is a business woman and the content she creates comes with google
    ads. she does receive revenue just like any other business owner and
    content creator, and I can’t say it’s wrong for Kayla to do the same
    through other avenues. I think they are both passionate, intelligent,
    caring women who have different programs and different marketing
    techniques. I’m pretty peaceful and I would actually like to see them sit
    down and talk in a kind manner to each other, without using the B word, or
    calling anyone a future fatass. That is a bad business technique IMo. You
    gotta advertise the happy healthy body AND a loving personality to convey
    happiness. The one thing about Kayla’s technique that does bother me is the
    posting of client before and afters, when the photos aren’t to scale…like
    a big zoomed in, belly sticking out before pic, and a zoomed out
    after…like the entire room and persons cell phone is shrunken. I kindly
    pointed this out and told her progress pictures would better received when
    people take the time to correct this aspect…didn’t go over great, I was
    labeled a “hater”. Haha…Instagram life. Great chat ❤️

  20. This was a very eloquent and sensible analysis of the messages” these girls
    are sending. The suing is definitely over the top and unecessary, if the
    program was sustainable and not like every single other fad “bikini body
    program” out there that is nothing but a yo-yo spiral into square 1 (or
    worse) she would be more confident about her program rather than jumping
    towards a lawsuit as a first resort.

  21. “Bikini body situation.” Lol. You are right though, Freelee is very
    transparent and promotes health for free whereas Kayla is shrouded in
    mystery.You gotta buy it to try it. Theres nothing on social media other
    than pics of her and a few inspirational quotes. 

  22. This is a great video Anji and delivered with honesty and clarity which I
    think is very much appreciated in the vegan community. Society conditions
    young women [and often young men] to just follow what appears to be the
    accepted normal. Luckily the internet, and those who are willing to put
    themselves into the arena, are slowly changing that.

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