LA Fitness membership is a rip-off

LA Fitness rep tried to pull a fast one over me with a bogus membership fee.
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8 Responses to LA Fitness membership is a rip-off

  1. Jacob Ashuri says:

    Businesses are in BUSINESS to make money because they are not charity organizations. With that being said, consumers are supposed to be savvy and try to get the product as little as possible.

  2. fit to be tied says:

    If you have a credit card with annual fee they charge you the annual fee right away , unless they specify the first year's annual fee is free. So this is not out of the norm to me.

  3. SlimK3nny aka Awkword says:

    Bruh they came at me the same way lol damn

  4. Vance Corsey says:

    I got in on mamorial day weekend. Spend $100 for initiation and first 2 months and it's $28 a month. No contract

  5. Matt B says:

    What gym you belong tonow

  6. Marion Dortch says:

    They got me too. Total Ripoff

  7. M 3cinco says:

    I called the gym near my place and was transferred to a sales rep. So i told the rep i would like to check the facilities and we set up a time. When i arrived the front desk employee called the sales rep and walked towards their desks. All this rep was doing is pushing for an upfront $458.00, which will cover 18 months and AND the draconian $99 initiation fee.. After the 18 months, you are charged $199.00. He told me that if i want, I can have monthly payments instead of the $199 and that I would get a notification 3 months prior the charge. That was verbally because he didn't show me any contract. So i gave him my thanks for providing the information but I would look around for other gyms in the area. The rep put a face like he saw the devil, then he gave me his phone in case i change my mind. Guess what, he DID NOT show me the facilities. Epic FAIL. All they want is to get you signing for the draconian offers. You will be better off going online and sign for the $24.99 and avoid wasting your time with a sales rep.

  8. Freedom Warrior says:

    la fitness is a scam… there main objective is to get you to pay the most money

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