LOOK INSIDE GYMSHARK HQ & Our First International Office Announcement

LOOK INSIDE GYMSHARK HQ & Our First International Office Announcement

Finally, now we’ve been in the new Gymshark headquarters for a few months – I’ve done a little tour of our new home.

I hope you enjoy!

Q&A will be recorded next week so any questions – ask below!

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20 Responses to LOOK INSIDE GYMSHARK HQ & Our First International Office Announcement

  1. Ben Francis says:

    I'm recording a Q&A, so please ask any questions in the comments section and I'll answer in my next video! Thank you so much again for watching!

  2. An Truong says:

    Simply inspiring

  3. Amal Elmouhtadi says:

    Some day I will be your competitor trust that

  4. Karla Jurišić says:

    This is my dream work place. The amount of care that you have for your employees is unbelievable and very important for maintaining productive and comfortable atmosphere

  5. Ozzie Aguilera says:

    I guess it would be awesome if you opened your new HD in L.A., OR somewhere in the U.S. But what do I know! 🙂 I just bought my 1st GS products! Can't wait to get them! Cheers!

  6. persian Catz says:

    when will gym shark come to asia?

  7. joey William says:

    Jesus fuck well done bro true success story what a huge place u have congrats I envy ur success

  8. Cassliftsss says:

    wow ive been under a rock! this is amazing ben

  9. Sandeep Juneja says:

    Wow congrats! Well done, this is an inspiration

  10. Alex Gribben says:

    What % of the business do you still own ??

  11. Richardo Fernando says:

    hi Ben.. you seem to be quiet smart and good in what are you doing and I didn't know my workout gym clothes were created by you .. I have allot passion about business and healthy lifestyle or fashion. who invest in your idea to create such a big company and to can afford hundreds of employers?

  12. Matthew Sharples says:

    Wow, this is amazing Ben, truly fascinating. Love the way you talk about your business and the way employees are treated.
    There's just something so fascinating about your story, really enjoy these kinds of videos. I know it might seem lame but would love to learn more about the logistical and operational side of the business if you get the chance.

  13. desertaser says:

    Holy shit man, this is super impressive and looks amazing. I don't use your products yet, but your Instagram got my respect as a photographer. Keep it up!

  14. Findlay Tej says:

    Have you got people who are older than you working under you

  15. Viktor Wolrath Bonnevier says:

    Hos match do you guys spend on ads Evert day?

  16. Cam Grealish says:


  17. Speed-Art and Gaming with Hibury says:

    1:00 great slogan on the wall there😂😂

  18. Matthew says:

    Hey Ben, would love to meet up and have a tour of the HQ. Awesome to see a young lad from Birmingham raising the bar 🙌

  19. Alyssa P says:

    This is awesome it reminds me of google HQ

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