Loving Lyfe Episode 2: Workout Routine

In this episode of Loving Lyfe Nichelle, Bentley and Ashleee share their secret workout routines with the world. Perfection is just a lunge and a necksercise away.

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20 Responses to Loving Lyfe Episode 2: Workout Routine

  1. JK! Studios says:

    We hope you enjoyed Episode 2, and that you consult your physician before trying these advanced moves!
    Check out Episode 1 for more really, really accurate and safe life advice: https://youtu.be/TAs0_ZaYV6Y

  2. Amoryn Mund says:

    Mallory's hair is fantastic in this episode

  3. Jgacfhhah jjshGgqhhqikwhh says:


  4. Mallory Hannah says:

    Mallory trying to do the banded lunge killed me!

  5. Vivian GoDair says:

    Please don’t turn blond!!!!

  6. Giovanni Calabrese says:

    this channel is so underrated, i love you guys

  7. Dionysus D. says:

    Chab is awesome

  8. Jeremy Branch says:

    por chab, the look of fear in his eyes

  9. Jeremy Branch says:

    and, I'm thinking about being blond, so….

  10. funny gourd hacks for your friendsTM says:

    Does anyone else kinda feel bad for Bentley at this point

  11. Red Dead Journals says:

    Are these only for women?
    I seemed to have gained weight doing these…

  12. Mylee Martin says:

    To three moments: 2:40, 4:58, 5:34.

  13. tina allen says:

    I love chab

  14. Rachel Reidhead says:

    2:27 that is me

  15. TT Rich says:

    5:35 she look like a toddler having a tantrum

  16. Christy L. Riley says:

    I always thought heels were dangerous. And a good way to sprain an ankle.

  17. Victoria P says:

    RIP Chab ☠️

  18. Lexie Frey says:

    Ha! Sistine Castle!:)

  19. Katelyn Murray says:

    Chab in the background though!

  20. gia mbh says:

    Chab and Ashlee are just……*Yes*

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