Low Carb Diet VS. Ketogenic Diet

Low Carb Diets became popular due to the over consumption of carbohydrates by many people. The Ketogenic Diet was a style of low carbohydrate diet where fats are the primary fuel source. What are the differences and which one is better?

20 thoughts on “Low Carb Diet VS. Ketogenic Diet

  1. Thank you for explaining the differences between the two because people confused a regular low carb diet with keto.

  2. Great video again. Good to see that you're doing well. Would you ever drop fat to 15% ? if not, please can you tell me why?

  3. Always the best diet for you that you can adhere to and makes you happy…low carb is not an option…so I manipulate the carbs to move the scale in the direction I need when necessary.

  4. Hey Paul! I have a quick question for you. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for about 6 weeks now and love it. However, I start to feel very dizzy and light headed even when I’m not particularly hungry. I’m a server at a restaurant and I dropped plates everywhere. Why is this happening? I have a very balanced and healthy diet. Thanks!

  5. Another awesome video! And perfect timing .. I'm on my 9th day of keto and have man questions/concerns on gng….. It's hard for me to restrict protein. Coming from bodybuilding and eating a ton of it. There is conflicting info on GNG, so my question to you Paul is what would you consider to much? I'm getting around 85gr which is 30% of my overall intake at about .77g per my lean mass…. I'd so appreciate ur input!!!!!!

  6. Great info, however there are ways to incorporate carbs on a Ketogenic diet with variations of Keto: one is the Targeted Keto Diet (carbs only before workout) and the other is the Cyclical Keto Diet (1-2 carb refeed days while staying strictly Keto the other 5-6 days). The TKD is mainly for beginners or people who need carbs as energy before their workouts. The CKD is better for bodybuilders and athletes who want to go Keto while still enhance their performance (with a carb refeed to replenish glycogen) whether in the gym or in a sport. Just wanted to throw that out there 😉

  7. paul , love your videos, but keto is not low protein, can be even at 1g per lb or more, since gluconeogenesis is no t a real issue, the think is maintaining very low carbs… a PSMF is also a keto diet, so in that aspect you are wrong.. Thanks for all your knowledge!

  8. Funny because I actually find the ketogenic approach easier to fit into my lifestyle. E.g. I go to a restaurant, I take the meat and veggies plate with butter, or a protein-style burger, etc., the choice is easy. With moderate carbs or IIFYM, I end up overthinking what I can fit into my diet, the million of possibilities, and this gives me cravings because I can get a taste of everything. Keto simplifies my decision and brings me at peace!

  9. As a coach is there anyone you can recommend that trains competitors using a Keto diet? I've switched to Keto recently because my body was reacting to some medication and have found it to really help level things out for me. I'm really struggling right now figuring out the best way to train on Keto because i don't feel like my old way is as advantageous now.

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