20 thoughts on “Low Fat Diet Dangers

  1. I went on a high fat low carb diet 5 months ago. My hormones have seemingly leveled out. I don't get angry easily anymore. I don't freak out at the drop of a hat. I feel so much better…pain is gone from lupus and hashimoto's hypothyroidism and inflammation is going down more every day. My husband really likes the new me! Wheat belly lifestyle for life!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately our animal products aren't as clean as they once were….with Fukushima, factory farming (not everyone can afford organic, grass fed animal products).

  3. Dr. Josh, I was on keto diet, but then recently had to have my gall bladder taken out. Can I still continue to eat high fat diet? I am leery of consuming Ox bile. It sounds absolutely gross! Thank you.

  4. Please cite your studies! And my husband who had severe angina, high blood pressure and high blood sugar, high cholesterol has everything at normal levels and no more chest pain. He has lost 20 lbs so far, has boundless energy all from whole food plant based low fat. He made this choice based on proven science. The chief cardiologist at Rush hospital in Chicago recommends this to his patients as do many cardiologists. If my husband listened to you he could be dead right now.

  5. Great content Doc…. But I have a question… May I ask you what kind of macro percentage split would you recomend for women?! Thanks ?

  6. Thanks Dr. Axe! I'm pretty sure I have leaky gut, and my bad cholesterol has been ridiculously high the past few months so I've been making smoothies with bone broth protein, collagen protein, ground flax and chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries, coconut or almond milk.. I try to include a variety of good fats daily with fresh avocado, olive oil with apple cidar vinegar, I started a high quality fish oil supplement and garlic supplement, I eat kimchee and other healthy sources of natural probiotics etc.. I have type 2 diabeties also so I'm very careful about not going over 20 carbs in snacks or 40 in a meal, and I try to make them high quality carbs. Can't wait to see if my cholesterol looks better as my gut health is improving. You have no idea how much better my gut feels just from changing my diet and including gut healthy products and foods. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world, you're a literal life saver.

  7. This video is crazy and it’s going to confuse a lot of people. You don’t even specify what A low-fat diet is considered. A high fat diet is the reason why 1/3 of our population is dying from heart disease and diabetes.

  8. I needed to hear this….40 years ago….Low Fat made me UNHEALTHY!

    also…white chicken breast meat is what I ate. (The thigh has MOST of the best protein in chicken.)

  9. People beat mental illness also with fruitarian diet with no nuts and seeds high carb low fat low protein you just got to eat a bunch of calories and alote of fruit to get all nutrients for the day. It may be hard at start eating more volume foods like fruit to get all calories but your stomach expands overtime and you feel way better without all these nuts beans and seeds that cause lectins in your body and hard to digest

  10. High carb does not feed bacteria. You need fruit silly. The meat is full of toxins. White refined carbs are bad so eat complex carbs. Fats are good in moderation. Its natural to crave so carbs. Our ancestors ate flour. Not all diets work for everyone. Each person ia unique

  11. How does that work with non-alcohol fatty liver syndrome? I thought such a liver couldn’t process the fats since it’s overloaded? Do you still use small amounts of healthy fats while trying to correct the liver?

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