Make A Workout Plan | My Workout Schedule

Make A Workout Plan | My Workout Schedule

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Welcome back, babes! ? There will be a lot of trial and error when creating the workout plan that’s best for you! Be realistic and set a plan that will help you reach your fitness goals. Xo

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20 thoughts on “Make A Workout Plan | My Workout Schedule

  1. But what about the schedule on a single day? Like leg day for instance. I get very confused how much exercises i should do on leg day and how long. I'm starting to lose motiation because of this. It sucks

  2. seriously love your videos! I just started working out again and your videos give me tons of motivation! ❤️??‍♀️

  3. When you're sick, do you usually give you body time to rest and recover, or do you just power through it?

    I had a whole schedule planned and I was sticking to it, until Tuesday when I began to get sick. So discouraging!! ?

  4. can upper body workouts both be different or be the same? like I used to do: legs, chest n Tri, rest, legs, back n bi, but apparently unless im hitting them twice a week it isn't enough?

  5. I started out lifting six times a week, but now I'm down to three times a week. I pretty much just go when I feel like it. I love going to the gym, so I feel like it about 2-3 times a week. I will commit to 4 days and write it down like you said. This video was great motivation to step my workouts up, girl! Thanks! #commitlikewhit

  6. I've been needing some motivation, and I finally feel like I can commit myself to go to the gym. I used to be so athletic, but I lost all motivation after gaining 20 lbs. Thank you so much for sharing your workouts! Your videos inspire me, and make me want to change my eating habits and make me better myself. 🙂 Blessed.

  7. I recently changed up my cardio to HIIT should I still keep my lifting routine after I finish up with my cardio? Or just call it a night after I finish up with my HIIT routine? Btw your channel is so helpful! Thank you! ?

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