25 thoughts on “Mass Gaining Workout For Skinny Guys: Bulk Up Faster Using This Muscle Building Workout Plan

  1. Use these 5 exercises to build more muscle… Just uploaded this new workout

    Perfect for skinny guys trying to gain weight: Mass Gaining Workout For
    Skinny Guys: Bulk Up Faster Using This Muscle Building Workout Plan

  2. hi mate nice vid, i wanna look like you. im 5’2 and weigh 250 ibs, its
    mainly fat but im trying to get shredded. anyone got any tips

  3. I am a hardgainer and been trying for years to gain weight and the BEST
    advice I can give anyone is carbs postworkout!
    Dextrose is super cheap and works great, it doesn’t fill you up so you can
    still eat lots too.
    Only do this if you are a hardgainer, if you gain weight easily use slow
    carbs post workout.

  4. Like your style of explaining and teaching with helpful tips. I’ve been
    watching you for a while now and making some nice gains for myself by
    watching. Keep up the great work your channel.

  5. Finally someone who actually shows the workout routine. I’m sick of all the
    20 minute videos that don’t show you jack. (Six pack shortcuts). So thank
    you so much for this video! P.S I’m just shy of 19 I’m 5’11 and 130
    ridiculously skinny pounds I’m not looking to go ridiculous just want to be
    in the 160 rang any advice? Oh and I have a fast metabolism and no one in
    my family is fat. My brother 23 5’10 works out and does all the prominent
    shit you can think of and hes only 155 pounds. What should I do? Any advice
    would be great!

  6. say once you’ve reached your muscle gain goal, what should you do to
    maintain that muscle, stay on the same weight that you last lifted or
    what?? Im confused!!

  7. This is a shoulder and chest workout…skinny guys should focus on the
    whole body (compound workouts) and eat more high calorie meals.

    They’re good exercises, that much I can give credit but very limited
    especially for skinny guys

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