– Fitness Factory Charlotte Tour 2013 – Gym North Carolina NC USA Club Health

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On October 1, 2013 Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, along with Sales Manager, Steve Mills, trained at the Fitness Factory in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

This is a full video tour of this awe inspiring training facility!
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20 Responses to – Fitness Factory Charlotte Tour 2013 – Gym North Carolina NC USA Club Health

  1. mnoell35 says:

    I guess I’m lucky. This place is probably 1:30 from my house. I’ll give it a try. Oh, North Carolina has the mountains,and beaches,so there’s plenty reason to visit.

  2. Chris Murphy says:

    whats a shoulder fly machine?

  3. ZBirDEveryday says:

    This video started off a little slow. This is the first MassiveJoes video i've seen, but you guys did a great job. And that gym seems that it never ends! I am a Carolina native, and I will definitely go visit Fitness Factory after seeing this video. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Mick Knox says:

    I'm heading to the states at the end of the year (2015) and after watching this video of this ridiculous facility! I'm getting my arse over to Charlotte for some epic gainz! #MJ recommendations for accommodation??

  5. C R says:

    I train here… it's the tit's 

  6. slowcar says:

    thats fuckin disneyworld for weightlifting

  7. SFC Jeffery Wood says:

    Fitness Factory Membership is $42 for the main gym and $72 for the Entire gym(football field area).  Best prices ever.

  8. henry h says:

    this place is actually heaven 🙂 I couldn't imagine such an amazing gym, if I ever go to the USA I don't care what else I do, I will travel to North Carolina for at least a day just to come here. And if I ever get rich enough, I will make sure I make a gym like this in London so I can experience this shit more than once, and so all my gym buddies can experience this shit too.
     More gyms should spend money on becoming like this instead of trying to look all modern with crappy machines which steal your gains and 50 cardio machines nobody uses. This is the vintage shit, it's good old fashioned pumpin' iron, which is the way to make all KINDS of gains.

  9. Cased Melon says:

    TMJ should start a proper gym!

  10. DeafFunk says:

    I would do legs everyday if I went to that gym. My gym only has 1 squat rack and one power rack. Feels bad man

  11. Doug Denessen says:

    and tires… dude this gym is beyond a fantasy gym. i'd pay $50 a month for that gym

  12. Dylan Costelloe says:

    so many machines!

  13. Selatin Saat says:

    This is a really sick gym!

  14. Jarryd Foster says:

    lol when Neve finds out it's a curl machine..better than Christmas.

  15. Ben Wintle says:

    that thing at 16.10 is called a reverse hyper boys.

  16. BMW Films says:


  17. Daniel blah says:

    Holy crap how much is membershp for this place

  18. DefenderDiaries says:

    i love your videos more than the Twins!! keep this up TMJ!

  19. For Sure says:

    Awesome Video, Awesome Tour , Awesome Gym !!

  20. StephanK330 says:

    once again epic video guys !

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