Mayo Clinic Minute: Does your blood type matter when donating blood?

Donating blood is a selfless act that can literally save lives. Do you know your blood type? You could be one of the people whose blood type is in short supply and high demand at hospitals nationwide. But does it really matter if your blood type is A, B, AB or O?

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10 Responses to Mayo Clinic Minute: Does your blood type matter when donating blood?

  1. Ballerina_6 Ballet vlogs says:

    I’m 0 positive

  2. Terresa Oxentenko says:

    Please I hope the donation centers are using Rh negative blood for those Rh negatives who need it in an emergency and not for Rh positives. Everyone should carry an ID card with their type so in an emergency O- blood is not used unnecessarily. According to Wikipedia 6.01% of worlds population is Rh negative with European countries on average having 15%. So traveling abroad to a country with 1-3-% Rh negative population carries its risk. I’ll donate knowing my blood will go to other Rh negative types, it is matched with. Otherwise I will not and reserve it for someone in my family in the case of an emergency.

  3. Chicken Lord says:

    I’m O-

  4. Matt3lynn says:

    I’m RH negative/ A negative whatever that means. I tried donating once but I fainted

  5. Michael Sears says:

    Does type o have some different weight? Electrical difference? What makes it adhere with all bloods. And can o type blood be able to help cure diseases. Universal egg idea for vaccine. Does sickle cell only occur in one blood type? Cancer affects a and b blood types more than o types? What's the different proteins?

  6. Zepex says:

    My blood type is AB+ probably

  7. Omegaperfectstorm ! says:

    🌹 So Mayo Clinic…….. why do you LITERALLY want to know EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN'S blood type??????

  8. Omegaperfectstorm ! says:

    🌹 It's literally HUNTING DOWN people with RH NEGATIVE BLOOD you mean, right????? Why not tell the people what RH NEGATIVE BLOOD is??????? The bloodline of Christ!!

  9. Vanessa 420 says:

    Good information 🙏🙂

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