25 thoughts on “Mens Shake Weight Workout Video ( 6 Minutes)

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  2. That’s a God damn lie. The one he’s using is the biggest one, equal to
    about 90 pounds of force when it’s active. You shake it for 6 minutes like
    he is and you’ll be soaked. It’s like upper body cardio.

  3. look at 4:00, even someone as ripped as their example guy is having such a
    hard time he can’t finish a 30 second rep. Anyone who thinks this doesn’t
    work just hasn’t tried a full 6 minutes, or if they did they didn’t have
    their abs tightened when they were doing it.

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  6. This shit is worse than bench pressing and any other workout… Good shit
    bro!! My biceps are looking like fucking soccer balls

  7. This thing works. I got one 5 months ago and my arms have doubled in size.
    The problem with it is it’s hard as hell. You have to tighten your abs the
    entire time you use it, and after 3 minutes it kicks your ass and you’re
    supposed to double that.

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