13 thoughts on “Michael Savage on Gluten Restriction Craze in Diets and Health

  1. This is bullshit. Very disappointing and even more unintelligent. Savage
    used to be knowledgeable about the topics he covered but obviously he has
    gotten lazy. Do some research next time you decide to bash an entire group
    of people. Celiac Disease has nothing to do with losing weight. It has to
    do with going to the ER or an early grave because of a severe and deadly
    intolerance. Forget how to read, Savage?

  2. My daughter was born with a gluten allergy …. she’s was taken from me
    when she was two. Once they found out I got her back, so don’t tell me its
    BS I lived it. But she has outgrown it after 7 years on the diet.

  3. from the REAL experts the wheat of 100 years ago was VASTLY different from
    todays wheat, mineral wise, and content wise Savage….is a gatekeeper of
    the real truth that would make every citizen in america grab a gun and go
    nuts….THAT KIND OF TRUTH america, greatest country, worst country Are you
    familiar with coconut oil, extra virigin, summer is here, I recommend it
    for sunburns, healthy skin, and comsumption for weight loss Yes, i am a
    better docotr then those walmart degrees docs

  4. cuz the zionists allow it he will never tell you what is realy going on, he
    is close, but he wont go forward, and he is all over the place Nadal Hassan
    is an actor named Dave Weiss it was a false flag, you’d do well researching
    the greenberg family and their manipulation of social media

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