Morris Chestnut Shares The Diet and Fitness Plan That Helped Him Drop Over 30 Pounds

Actor Morris Chestnut opens up about his motivation to lose weight and introduces “The Cut,” a fitness program he co-developed with trainer Obi Obadike. Don’t miss the before-and-after photos of men and women who slimmed down with The Cut!

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20 Responses to Morris Chestnut Shares The Diet and Fitness Plan That Helped Him Drop Over 30 Pounds

  1. ZEliteTrooth says:

    I’ve found that meal supplements are helpful, the best ones are Atkins protein shakes, good taste and will keep you ful till next meal

  2. TheSnowFoxParty says:

    Soak my nuts. Soak your nuts.

  3. Cheve Cheve says:

    This lowkey keto

  4. Wayne Payne98 says:

    His wife was my parenting teacher in highscool

  5. Dámaris chip says:

    IF Is the best

  6. csyd22 says:

    dont eat anything you see ads for on tv

  7. U Can’t Resist says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever eaten healthy that many days in a row…smh

  8. Lissa Givens says:

    I like that meal plan

  9. Adrian Williams says:

    Soaking your nuts makes them easier to digest. Morris get your mind out of the gutter. LOL

  10. gulf production says:

    Sir I m Bollywood actor age 30 my hight is 5.6 weigh is 100 kg plz gide me 0. Calories diet plan befo 1 years ago my weight was 80 kg sir plz reply me

  11. Tony Slaughter says:

    They like and date fit people. But if these broads are fat and guys don’t want them and it’s wrong.

  12. JBN Healthy Life says:

    Thanks for sharing my friend,good job,enjoyed:!

  13. Travis Kraft says:

    He looks good.

  14. Yaser Ziada says:

    thanks dr oz for all episode we try and combat to loss body weight but we failed in this battle .i think and according to studies in American universities we can avoid obesity and other diseases by eat healthy food instance fruits like melon,water melon,bannana,pine apples ,orange and vegetables like potato ,tomato,lettuce is good for our health we have to eat fiber ,protein , healthy fats in adequate quantities .

  15. Astheshya Asth says:

    😜am interested with belly fat dropping

  16. I-want-free stuff says:

    Just cut sugar and most carbs and you will drop 30 pounds.

  17. Chim Ney says:

    " SOAK YOUR NUTS " !

  18. quietstormaps says:

    Morris has aged so well.

  19. Dakota Fleming says:

    Portion control

  20. Lynn De la tour says:


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