Muscle matters: Dr Brendan Egan at TEDxUCD

Dr Brendan Egan is a University College Dublin (UCD) lecturer in sport and exercise science in the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Science, whose TEDxUCD 2014 talk is entitled ‘Muscle Matters’.

On the sporting front, Brendan has represented Co. Sligo in Gaelic football at Senior inter-county level since 2003.

In his TEDxUCD 2014 talk Brendan explains the importance of maintaining muscle mass as we age.

Modern science has led to automation which means that we are predisposed to being physically inactive and in his talk Brendan outlines the risks to our health of this development. Furthermore, better medicines are leading to greater longevity and as the global population is getting older, the long term impact on health care provision is a huge challenge to be addressed.

Brendan in his talk focuses on Sarcopenia, a disease involving age related wasting of muscle, and talks about the connections with other diseases, including cancer and diabetes, and he encourages us to change our lifestyles now in order to keep our muscles strong as we age.

Dr Brendan Egan is a lecturer in sport and exercise science in the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Science covering modules in sports nutrition, exercise prescription and molecular exercise physiology.

His current research interests concern the nutritional enhancement of sports performance and the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle function and adaptation in exercise, health and disease.

Brendan graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Limerick in 2003, before graduating from Loughborough University with distinction from the MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition programme.

He returned to Ireland in late 2004 to commence doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr Donal O’Gorman at Dublin City University. The focus of this research was on skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise and in particular the continuity between acute molecular responses to individual bouts of exercise and the adaptations in skeletal muscle induced by exercise training.

He was awarded his PhD in 2008, before moving on to the prestigious Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. There he completed his post-doctoral training in Professor Juleen Zierath’s Integrative Physiology group at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery. Here his research, using animal and in-vitro cell systems, focused on the transcriptional regulation of skeletal muscle insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetes by small, non-coding RNAs.

He joined the faculty at UCD in 2011.

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20 Responses to Muscle matters: Dr Brendan Egan at TEDxUCD

  1. Randall Beck says:

    "A Potato Does Not Have Much Use For Muscle." -Moderator undertones undermine the use of Starch as a driver of energy for the body.

    "…and with age comes chronic disease." -Moderator continues to make subject hypotheses' based on what could only be explained as, 'Dated Health Science Information'.

    Yes, his information is dated as evidenced by his list of diseases @3:00 that…ARE ALL ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CURABLE…hopefully at any age ; )

  2. Matt Hunt says:

    “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people…and more useful in general”…..quoted by Coach Mark Rippetoe

  3. SuperSwifty59 says:

    Watch Dr Doug McGuff YouTube videos on this subject(sarcopenia and weight training) and also look up Dr Simon Melov study on the reversing of aging cells through WEIGHT TRAINING … Weights is only anabolic form of exercise and at worst its neutral. Almost all other forms are catabolic

  4. heretic_ says:

    I think my phone was listening to me. I was just doing some body weight exercises with the family, and boom, this is in my YouTube. What is doctors prescribed exercised? What if children did body weight exercises as the last session of everyday?

  5. Reyes Munguia says:

    Is that a hair piece , wig or what, it looks terrible

  6. talhah bilal says:

    Amazing talk!

  7. devilu18 says:

    this guy is all over the place with the data,not very scientific …
    For example .he says that young individuals can lose 5% of muscle mass in 10-14 days if they are lazy in comparison with adults that that Will lose 3,5% every decade no matter what,trying to leave the impression that this is a disastrous scenario .but he avoids saying how fast they can gain that 5% back when the adults cannot !

  8. Mrssewhardtoplease says:

    his voice tone drops continuously, so difficult to listen. maybe it's time for hearing aids. would hate to have him as a lecturer.

  9. Bradley Naughton says:

    Only the Strong survive. Unless your on a cocktail of drugs to thin your blood and lower your cholesterol and kill the pain and stifle the inflammatory process and live in a first world country. Then you can survive for years with all sorts of grotesque chronic diseases! It might be better if only the strong could survive?

  10. Mmmarvel the person says:

    Needed to show the slides better. Only saw distance shots, would have liked to see them full screen so they would have been easier to read. He does a great job with the presentation but didn't really talk about our diets which play a HUGE part regarding health.

  11. zeppelin1qaz says:

    This guy is Gaelic football star, one of the toughset sports in the world, so he knows what he is talking about.

  12. zeppelin1qaz says:

    Exercise for 5 minutes every hour of sitting down.

  13. Harold Hart says:


  14. Gourmet Journey says:

    He seems to be bored with his own presentation.

  15. Charles Stutts says:

    Great presentation ! Just really hard to hear him during parts of the talk.

  16. White Dot says:

    Take a shot when he says "on the right side hand"

  17. Stephanie Bynum says:

    great Ted talk!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊😊😊

  18. Stella m says:

    does anybody know the actual study that he used in his slides about the >85yrs old pple?

  19. Danielle Kirk says:

    What a fantastic presentation, so engaging and the way he can just reel off all that information without hesitation, wow

  20. Fitness IQ says:

    This is truly the best Ted Talk ever

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