My #1 Health Tip, Happy Cows, Feminine Hygiene, Body Care + More

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15 thoughts on “My #1 Health Tip, Happy Cows, Feminine Hygiene, Body Care + More

  1. Love these videos!!!! Thanks so much for doing them each week! I wish
    that I got to watch them live but I’m on east coast time and usually out
    and about during the time you air. Either way – LOVE these live Q&A
    videos!! Also – I have made lots of great progress re vegan food choices
    lately – have gone many days in a row 100% vegan which is an accomplishment
    for me. Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  2. Missed today’s live and am so happy that these are recorded each week. I’d
    hate to miss them altogether. So tomorrow first thing me and my teechino
    will be watching. lol

  3. Love you videos! As far as getting help editing your videos you should
    check out You can outsource those projects at an affordable
    price and review the individuals that propose to work on your project. You
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  4. What is your opinion on high carb diet? I loveee fruit, but people say its
    bad for your brain and body on a long turn.
    You are so great! Love your videos!!! <3

  5. I’m a vegan, but how can I stop eating when im not hungry, because I feel
    as if I eat too much even though I workout and eating a high carb low fat

  6. Hi i use Happy cow in the uk xx 🙂 The mad Cucumber in bournemouth uk . the
    cook book sounds great .

  7. I’m so glad you answered a question about horseback riding because as a
    matter of coincidence, my mom is a trainer & my sister is on her college’s
    riding team & because I grew up around it, I really don’t see it as
    exploitation at all (unless of course the horses aren’t being treated
    well). I know many vegans view it as using an animal for your entertainment
    but I’ve seen the love, kindness & respect shared from person to horse
    firsthand (& have experienced it myself) so it’s nice to hear I’m not alone
    with that opinion. 

  8. Great video 🙂 hope you feel better soon! Since I have little kids and
    teach in an elementary school I get colds all the time. Really into using
    Echina-force from A Vogel this year, among all the other stuff you
    mentioned, ginger, lemon, green juice, a little fasting…

  9. Just wanted to say Happy Cow IS worldwide! I live in Japan and use it
    regularly. It can be used in China too! 

  10. Love your videos! Just posted my first video, setting intentions…
    hopefully will be killing it like you in the eco world!

  11. Thank you for posting recommendations for reusable bags. I bought a dozen
    while listening to you! I absolutely love your all of your videos. You are
    my first resource when I’m looking for the right eco vegan products.

  12. Great video, thanks! But where are the links? I ended up backing up and
    tracking them down anyway. 😉 Great resources.

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