My 50 Pound Weight Loss Story – Depression, Fitness Q&A | Jaz Jackson

My 50 Pound Weight Loss Story:

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20 thoughts on “My 50 Pound Weight Loss Story – Depression, Fitness Q&A | Jaz Jackson

  1. Awesome story I also struggle with weight loss and at one point depression ? I'm glad to find channels like yours helps people keep going ☺️

  2. Your beautiful inside and out! You inspire ALL women! 😉 I wonder is it possible to be depressed and not realize it. Life is so busy day to day and i personally feel like I handle what is handed to me with a smile and jokes everyday, i like to have fun and def not a dweller. I know when its quiet and i have time to myself..that's when I can think and sometimes I do have sadness, guilt, and worry. I feel like it's natural in my case cause it involves issues with my son that are only in God's hands. I pray and stay positive, and cope with the struggles. I completely relate with believing I have it all under control, mabey I do harbor feelings? I lost 50 pounds last year, to turn immediately around to gain it back this past year. I keep asking how is this weight coming back on, i hardly eat breads or pastas or soda, i really don't eat alot.. After watching this, I realize some old habits def crept back in…I'm in denial. I stopped working out, i don't eat the healthy foods I was, I skip meals. I'm literally back to square one. I let a year go by to the point I don't want to see anyone and I'm so disgusted when I look at myself! This is not who I want to be. I know who I am, I know I deserve better, my husband, and my sons especially, my career in healthcare.. how does this happen!! Ughh. I been battling months of getting back into this routine, same as everything you do. I needed this refresh! Thank you so much for your inner beauty, your strength, your motivation. God bless! Tomorrow is a new day!

  3. There are good snacks out there , fruits, veggies , nuts, peanut butter and every once and a while I'll eat string cheese , low fat cottage cheese, and yogurt. What ever you eat please drink 8 cups of WATER a day!!!!

  4. I have such a similar story and I am now taking back my life, and learning to be more healthy! Hearing a story so similar to mine is inspiring!

  5. youre so beautiful and such an inspiration. I also struggle with depression, and have been in this battle for some time. Watching you on your channel really lit a fire in me to take charge and gain control over my own life.

  6. I don't care how many lbs you had or have now. what I do know is that OMG girl with that face you're nickname should be ""Viagra""!!! then and now.

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