MY EXTREME FAT LOSS DIET – Full Day OF Eating – Meal By Meal

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“Student Shredding” is a Vlog Series including Tracking My Cut/Shred, Physique Updates, Full Day of Eating / Meals and the Day To day life of Mike Diamonds: STUDENT/ BODYBUILDER/ YOUTUBER

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Following A Typical Daily Diet of a Cutting Student Bodybuilder Mike Diamonds

Providing Easy, Simple Body building Meals examples to Maintain Your Muscle Growth at University and help you Students get in shape whilst at College

20 thoughts on “MY EXTREME FAT LOSS DIET – Full Day OF Eating – Meal By Meal

  1. Huge thanks to Mike! I've followed Project Diamonds for 3 weeks now and already lost 15 lbs. Major progress ?❤️

  2. To people that don't know where he is living it's Russia. From the first couple of clips his background suggests his being in a city somewhat like Yekaterinburg.

  3. ive kept track of calories i just started really keeping track of carbs fats and proteins its so hard 🙁 i started at 210 im at 180 now but i cant seem to get lower ima 5'9 my macros right now is
    41g fat 232g carbs and 157g protein

    Oreos in other countries is NOT THE SAME AS IN THE USA!!! Our would NOT fit into a good plan! The ingredients are different by a LOOONG shot!

  5. 8:14 i was wondering what the name of the song was. I pull out shazam and it told me, "Go F**k Yourself." Pretty rude. Hahaha but nice song name

  6. What is the purpose for carbon cycling – is low calorie for rest days if so had your workout training split changed? Or kept the same?

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