25 thoughts on “My Fitness Routine! Food – Outfit – Workouts :)

  1. They have such cute workout clothes for people who are already skinny. I’d
    love to find something cute for a big girl like me that isn’t like $50 per

  2. ok so i was mad that she’s been posting sponsored videos so much but like i
    think that this video is amazing i mean I’m a lot of people wanted to know
    what she did at the gym etc and it doesn’t matter that she got the outfit
    for free bc i like it and am glad that i now know about it! 

  3. This is a tip, do not eat the Quaker instant oatmeal just get the one that
    comes in a can it is way healthier and you can just add cinnamon or milk to
    it. :)

  4. hey hun, what is the machine called where u stated it wittles your waist?
    I’m trying to log it into my fitness pal but dont know the name?

  5. She definitely got breast implants just like many of the makeup gurus out
    there who have got breast implants and plastic surgery done 

  6. I Love how you and Elle always try to throw in glitzy glam items in your
    videos product placement haha. Great fitness video tho. And you are not
    Chubby gret figure

  7. I want to start working out in the morning but someone told me dont do it
    right after you eat…can you give me some suggestions

  8. Hi girls, I don’t mean to spam but I make videos similar to Blairs and I
    thought some of you might check them out! It would mean so much to me if
    you did =) Sorry if this comment annoyed you!

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