MY FITNESS/WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY || Balancing An Engineering Degree & Fitness ?

Hello subbies!

I am back, this time with another chit chat video going over details of my fitness journey, how and when I started and ways in which I was able to successfully graduate whilst toning up!

This is mostly just a video for me to share my experience, as mentioned many times, I am no qualified expert or nutritionist haha I did engineering, so… VERY far off. My journey is all through trial and error, self learning and finding what was right for me!

Video overview (so it’s easier for you to watch! I know the length does scare people off haha)

– Brief overview of myself 1:15
– When did I decide to embark on this fitness journey 2:51
– Why did I start 3:52
– Fitness Journey (What I ate and how I exercised) Total of 3 phases 5:13
– How did I balance studying for an engineering degree and fitness 17:51
– My routine at university (typical day during exam season) 21:51

My transformation video – How I Lost 46 Pounds:

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20 thoughts on “MY FITNESS/WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY || Balancing An Engineering Degree & Fitness ?

  1. What is your latest weight loss health routine? Hope you make a video about it soon ^^ I’m on plateau for a while >_< I’m always at 50-51kg. My goal weight is 47-45kg. I’m 1.55m. Exercise 3-5days per week. Can you please give me some tips and recommendations to losing the last 3-5kgs :)?

  2. I really got obsessed with your videos! I was wondering how you dealt with other peoples comments on like getting to skinny or whatever..? I feel like that happens a lot :/

  3. Wow such a success. It is difficult to get an engineering degree (I know from experience) and trying to be fit at the same time.
    You made it. Congrats!
    I am trying to lose weight myself as well and I am documenting it on Youtube. Every single meal and exercise. That is being something difficult not to be able to eat without shooting but that is such a motivation.

  4. Yo lady, love this video. It’s very inspirational. I feel motivated to start my weight loss journey again and be committed to it again. Thanks for sharing your journey

  5. You're so inspiring! 22 and already with a Master's degree :O I'm only on my final year at a Bachelor's degree and I'm the same age 🙁 with very average grades

  6. I've been watching for videos and followed your Insta for months, and still I love to watch your video all over again, bcs I think the tips that you gave are genuine and you didnt make it up for the Youtube's sake. Thank you for inspiring and please keep inspiring! Each time I always want to get myself started like you without any excuse.

  7. Oh my god im watching this during my study leave and my exam is in another 2 days, and for the past month ive been studying late nightt for my past 5 papers and i feel so bad but still doin it. I adore u so much for beingg soo systematic and productive!!! You r such an inspiration!!

  8. This is the video that I really needed . Im going to start university this year to do medicine and I was just wanting to also start working out . This video was so helpful and thank you so much for uploading it ??✌️

  9. Thank you for making this video! My body gains weight very easily, and i recently have gone back up to roughly 70kg again 🙁 (it's been years though) – I'm turning 27 this year, so I know it will be a bit more difficult this time round to lose it, but this really gave me motivation!! Thank you! <3 <3 I am moving back to the UK soon and hope that I can make a difference before I go home 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

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