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Good morning! This video was so fun to make. I want to note that this is what I do on an IDEAL morning. Depending on how much time I have, I might skip some steps and do them later. For example, I might write just 1 page of morning pages, skip meditating, and go straight to making my green smoothie. I’ve created a structure for my “perfect morning” but I’m really flexible with how I incorporate it into my life.

Curious about any specific steps? Check these out:
▸ Morning Pages: Write Daily for Clarity, Creativity, Productivity |
▸ My Easy Green Smoothie Recipe |
▸ Zenfriend Meditation App |
▸ Spotify: Spring 2016 Playlist |
▸ Spotify: Wake Up Playlist (big band) |
▸ Pastel Table Lamp from UO |
▸ KOR Water Bottle |

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Shot by Angela Nguyen
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20 thoughts on “My Morning Routine 2016 | For Inspiration, Creativity, Health & Wellness

  1. Hey Aileen, I am so happy to found your channel! Sub right away!! Love your sharing alot, I gonna try the morning pages out and meditation!!
    Love your lilac lamp and water bottle!!! So so nice!!! where you get it?

  2. Beautifully created ? I would love if you checked out my channel! I'm going to 2 countries in December and so far have 7 countries for 2017! ✈️ I'll also be doing vlogmas with my hubby and adorable corgi puppy ?
    Hope everyone is having a fun and safe Halloween! ???

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