My Results: Low Carb Diet vs Clean Eating with Carbs – Part 1

Part 1: My experience and results with low carbs vs Clean Eating with Carbs

Part 2: What Changed? :

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20 thoughts on “My Results: Low Carb Diet vs Clean Eating with Carbs – Part 1

  1. At the end of the day it is not really about if a certain diet works or not, because we are all different. The key to success is finding out what works for you. I weighed 380 lbs several years ago and I am down to 248 today. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I have been off meds for over a year. I mix it up. If I find myself getting off the path gravitating to foods that put on weight, or if I go on vacation where I often let it go and have fun, I follow this with a fast to reset my body. I then try to go low carb moderate protein (keto) with higher volume of clean higher fat. My sugars react well to this. I then usually graduate to eating more balanced, which eventually will lead me down the road to eating stuff I probably should stay away from. Note that even when I eat what I shouldn't I do try to stay away from processed foods as much as I possibly can. Eventually I see the need to buckle down and I start it all over again with a fast. I do use intermittent fasting in the mix as well. Basically I do a lot of stuff, but I cycle through different ways of eating. I find the cycling has been the best way to keeping me from plateauing. Weight lifting and some form of cardio will be necessary as you get closer to your desired weight. Best to start doing weights regardless of your size as it will help you fit in to the lose skin if you are really big. So far I don't have too much loose skin, and I credit that to my weights and exercise through the journey. My goal has not been to lose it super quick, but instead to mentally try to change how I desire foods. Making good food appeal to my liking. This takes time, patience, and a reasonable amount of determination. It does beat losing limbs or kidneys to diabetes. I still need to lose about 40 pounds, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have a decent amount of muscle which will probably put me at 20 percent fat at close to 210lbs. Right now I am about 31 percent fat. I feel great though, and am probably in better health then a lot of skinnier people than myself. Another thing to note, is I am 49 yrs old, which makes my journey even harder. If you are trying to lose weight don't look at it as a temporary change in eating or you will lose big time. Take your time and find a way to make good foods appeal to you so that it can replace your previous lifestyle that got you fat in the first place! Learning to eat smaller should also be a goal as well, but I find the better the foods you eat the easier it is to achieve that goal as good foods will not demand tons of insulin to be released causing your body to quickly get depleted of glucose which will then trigger you to be hungry much sooner than you should.

  2. You could be gaining muscle from the exercise, which might be causing you to not lose weight. Track body fat percentage as well as weight. If you are getting leaner (lower body fat percentage) without losing weight than you are gaining muscle. This is what you want. To get leaner, not to lose weight for the sake of losing weight.

  3. Never and I'm speaking from experience. Never record your weight, record your appearance. Muscle weighs more than fat so always look at your self physically.

  4. Definitely didn't do the low carb right. When done correctly it is more than effective and quite sustainable. I've lost way more with low carb than I did with the basic macros for dieting which include a higher healthy carb intake.
    If you DID do it correctly and didn't lose any weight then you're literally the only one.

  5. Check out a Ketogenic diet with fasting. Look up Dr Jason Fung's books on Amazon. Don't give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This doesn't seem very realistic. 12 weeks of low carb (less than 30 grams a day) diet will almost 100% make you lose weight quickly. If you can handle it. If you are not able to handle it thats a different problem. It's not for everybody.

  7. Not every diet works for everyone. Every diet I try I do it for about 6-8 weeks. If there are no changes I move on to the next. The whole thing about low carb diet is ketosis. Not everyone can get their body into ketosis, meaning not everyone can lose weight on a low carb diet. Everyone is different !

  8. I am Amazed at how well what ever your second diet done. My daughter who is 20 and I am 56 need to loose lots close to 100 lbs. She has been doing low calorie 5 weeks and only lost 8 lbs and seems stuck. It has been hard because I was doing low carb and lost 18 pds over 6 week now stuck also. So I would love to know what worked for you . We live in same house so it would be nice and more affordable to be on same page. Thank you in advance

  9. It's great that you found something that works for you! That being said you definitely look slimmer on the low carb diet…. It might be that you were slowly losing fat but also gaining muscle which weighs more? I'm kind of on the same journey myself so I love to see what works for other people, thank you for this video!

  10. best reality expectations and explained journey ever… That helps people know to not stop just because it seems like it wasn't working

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