FITNESS MOTIVATION – My story… from chubby to fit in 2 years. In this Video I show you how I lost weight and got abs by working out and following a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle.

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20 thoughts on “MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY – FITNESS MOTIVATION – From chubby to fit

  1. I am on my way there!!!I have 30 more pounds to lose to get under 200 pounds no lie…and i used to be 301

  2. One of the things I loved was how your boyfriend was with you at the beginning of your journey, not the ending ;).

  3. Thank you for inspiring me now i gotta work out we have treadmill,and everything but at first i cant but now i can thank you so much for motivating me

  4. I just started with weight loss green store tea fat burn and so far so good. Seems to give me a little energy boost and feel little leaner. Excited for more.

  5. Congratulations 🙂 I find your FITNESS MOTIVATION very real and inspiring! Wait to see future videos. Keep it simple and continue doing what you really love, it's such an interesting feeling to see how your body can transform! 🙂

  6. What books did you read? I'd like to get my hands on some good nutrition books. I struggle with my nutrition. I've got the workouts down.

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