My Weight Loss Story & Diet Tips

My measurements when i filmed this video Height: 5″6 Weight: 113lbs (51kg) Before Weight Loss: After Weight Loss …

25 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Story & Diet Tips

  1. Not to be mean or anthing but, is that a toilet in your kitchen? I live in
    London and i have never seen anything like that at all.

  2. Beauty with brains. I accidentally found this video. Ur face resembles a
    late. schoolmate of mine. R.I.P. she looked just like u. Her face was kinda
    becoming blurry after all this time and now all the good old memories just
    came to life in 4K. Thank you 4 being on Youtube. Goodluck & Keep it up.
    Nice one.

  3. i liked the “before’ weight loss video better because you had a really
    juicy booty. lol.. there was nothing wrong with you before. but i’m happy
    for you that you love your new weight loss.

  4. theres nothing on you lady sssh …drink pine apple juice after each meal
    it stops ur body taking bad fats but lets in the healthy ones and you can
    eat much more at meal times ..dont say i never told u :p

  5. I wanted to ask something …from your experience , does the type of food
    matters too or just the calories ?? Thank you ^_^

  6. I’m sure you have issues. you may think you look better but try going a
    week without food in an emergency situation. you would kill for those extra

  7. Sounds like that works for you so it’s great. I happen to be fit, and only
    eat 2 large meals usually over 2000 calories each and still stay lean at
    174, at 6ft. I work out almost every day so if the calories are not up to
    par, atrophy sets in.

  8. Counting calories worked für me too! I’ve lost 30 lbs with the same method.
    The most important thing of it is the 5-6 meals a day!! It helps
    the metabolism working.

  9. You look amazing. My Dad was a killer athlete most of his life and he
    always tells people long term ” That you can not out exercise a bad diet!”

    When people start talking/asking about ” Six pack ab’s” he always tells
    them no exercise needed to have cut ripped ab’s just reducing your caloric
    intake and cutting out refined carbs for raw complex carbs from vegetables
    instead of breads and starches.

    He had no clue because as an athlete he never had to learn to eat. He
    claims that when he hit 25 years old in college that his metabolism changed
    and he gained like 50lbs. in one year. It took him a long time to learn ho
    to eat properly. His Mom was big on cakes, cookies, pies and such made
    fresh every day. His Dad baked a lot of home made breads and pasta’s.
    Mashed potatoes or rice where served at every evening meal.

    So my Dad had no clue how to eat!! No one in my family is stupid but really
    no one really teaches us how to eat for health!

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