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****PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!!!!!**** This video is not intended to be used as diet advice and is no way a reflection about what is the right way to feel about your weight, this is simply my story and how I related to my own weight throughout my life to give you guys a little bit of background of what I went through. The terms I used to describe myself was simply how I felt about my weight as opposed to the objective view of my weight.

I currently and have always weighed around 40-42 with my heaviest being 49. This is not saying that this is the right weight it is just MY natural weight (eating regular healthy meals and not starving myself OR overeating) which is different for everyone. I don’t intend for this video to be anything other then a story about what I went through growing up with relation to my weight and what I ate 🙂

All constructive thoughts on body weight is welcomed however any body shaming comments WILL BE DELETED because it is not helpful to the discussion and none of us should be made to feel that the natural way we were born is not right.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my story and I would love to hear yours! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “My Weight Story | Diets, junk food, and not eating | Part 1 | Wengie

  1. I am underweight and my friends say that I'm underweight but somehow, when i look at myself, I look so chubby, i play 2 sports and i run over a mile every Tuesday and Thursday. I play badminton and basketball. However, I just keep gaining more weight. I don't eat that much junk food but I eat lots of ramen and i cannot resist yummy food. My belly isn't chubby but my legs and thighs are and my body isn't proportional and my thighs have lots of fat on it. (i won't say my actual weight though or my height.)

  2. I was a pudgy kid, but I did a lot of sports. when I was ten, I pretty much stopped gaining weight, but I kept growing. I ate as much as I wanted, sometimes five large cookies at once or half a large bag of chips. then this year, it all caught up to me. :(

  3. wow, I am 158 cm, 1 cm taller than you, and with 40 kg I would look extremly underweight. I looked really skinny even with only 53 kg. Right now I am doing my best to get a toned body and I don't mind gaining weight because of that.

  4. I am on a diet! I loss some fat but I gain weight! I am 155cm and I am 43 Kg! Last year I was 39 kg but I feel like my body didn't gain any weight because my clothes still fit and some of them are kinda loosey than before! Any reasons? Btw, I am a teenager! 

  5. I'm 149.5 & 40 kg (14 years old ) I'm aiming for 36 kg tho but I just want to lose weight in the butt and upper thigh area :/

  6. Im 14 years old Ive always been really skinny, when i was younger it would take around 2 hours for me to eat dinner simply because i didnt want to eat, as i got into my tween stage (10, 11,12) id eat a lot and never gain weight because i have a fast metabolism, last time i weighed my self i was 47kg, i think alot of my weight may come from my height though i was 170cm last i checked ( that was last year so ive grown) , i eat i love food but i dont eat at school very often so i probably lost some weight, i have wanted to gain weight because my collar bone, shoulder bone, my ribs and my shoulder blades are very visible but i dont care as much anymore, im still insecure about being so skinny but i cant do much about it, I know im only 14

  7. I hope my weight is just a phase like my mom and dad had when they were younger. I just can't manage to be happy with myself and will always frown if i see myself in a mirror.

  8. I'm sorry for people who REALLY are overweight and read comments like ' I weight 90 lbs and I'm 5.9 I'm so fat how shall i lose weight help'

  9. EXACTLY the same as me, I am 5ft 9.5" and I weighed between an unhealthy 8st 5/6lbs for most of my teens, because I was so tall I looked even skinnier than I was. Then I went to 9.5 stone…. and I looked a healthy weight but I could eat loads of McDonald's, kfc, pizza, sweets, ice-cream and the same with coke, I drank coke like it was water. My family used to say that girl has hollow legs she eats and eats but doesn't gain weight anywhere except boobs (I had like EE cup size in high school it was awful now I'm FF) I hit 25 and went all the way up to 11st 10lbs. Boy was that a shock to the system, being so skinny to chubby everywhere it sucked. I've lost weight now and I look/feel healthy at 10st 2lbs :D

  10. i weighted 100 kg .. i started loving healthy by starving myself at the begining n only allowing myself to eat cucumber n carrots or anything healthy.. idk my weight now but ppl did say that i have lost alot of weight. my weight is actually on my height .. i'm tall .. n now after i brought my body to exercising level now i can do squats jumping jacks n use elliptical trainer… its not hard to lose weight just love the healthy n make it ur life partner to stick with forever … i drink 2-3 large mugs of green tea everyday .. but not at night as it has caffine .. now i can skip rice pasta fast food chocolates and every unhealthy food .. idk but i'm in love with haelthy… b4 i used to eat 3-4 white breads of spreaded white cream cheese along with milk tea n now i eat egg with no carbs … or bran flakes … n for lunch more veggie n for dinner soup or fruits or baked veggies…

  11. hello, Wengie. I've recently found out your videos! you're so pretty?
    anyways, I'm 152cm and weights 49.5Kg now(im14). I have fats in my stomach, arms and thighs, but mostly in my stomach and arms. Can you or anyone give me a tip on how to lose weight especially on your stomach and arms, because everytime I go to my cousin's house of family gathering. My aunts would keep telling me, 'Your fat' 'lose some weight' 'Why are you so fat? lose weight will you?' etc. and I feel very upset about it. so I wish to lose weight? so please help

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