New Exercise Plan!

Real talk moment…I hate exercise! But I know I need it. I’m starting small, a program that operates in 10 minute increments. This is the beginning video of a series I did just like THM when I got that book for me to take you along on my journey.

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5 thoughts on “New Exercise Plan!

  1. Amber, are you able to make a video on what you might eat on any given day? I am curious as to how much food you eat on THM. Thank you in advance.

  2. Do you work with a Beachbody coach? I haven't done the 10 minute trainer but have had heard great things. And I drink Shakeology each morning as well. So easy to grab and go out the door with all the kids!

  3. I love when she comes to help you. My kids do that too. Burst training is awesome! You'll love it. I don't think I'd drive 45 minutes one way to do ANY type of workout. I don't have that much free time!

  4. I am right along with you! I hate to exercise too. I am going to look into that video. I also use walk at home with Leslie sansone. I like too be need to change off every other day.

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