**WARNING** This video is intended for those looking to raise their heart rate, change their mood, and just have a good time dancing! Do it by yourself, or do it in a group, either way turn the music up and have a living room DANCE PARTY!!

GROOV3 is high-energy, dance till you drop cardio funk class with a mission to inspire change and build communities through the power of dance. Simple combinations to accommodate all fitness levels and featuring the hottest mixes and a live DJ regularly. Dance, Sweat, Live your life!

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Executive Producer
Benjamin Allen

Edric Leggett

Gerald Nonato

Gaffer / Lighting
Mike Pinedo

Hsiao- Fong Lin

Production Coordinator
Caroline Magbojos

Production Assistant
Mikey Rodriquez
Derrick Garcia

Stephanie Jacobs

Featured Dancers
Sam Allen
Heath Butler
Arthur Crenshaw
Tiffany Daniels
Tracy Takahashi

Background Dancers
Dean Bais
Lawrence Curry
Lauren Farah
Ashley Hanawalt
Gyron J.R. Makasiar
Ariella Maman
Jordan Mann
Karla Rendon
Lauren M. Rosen
Audra Skaates

Trent “DJ Renz” Barry

Music Provided by
Trent “DJ Renz” Barry

Hair/Make Up
Carla Rendon

Wardrobe Styling
Dean Bais

Special Thanks to
Tovaris Wilson and Steven Trosti from L.I.T.E

Elm, Shannon and the Rest of the Boogiezone Fam

Edge Performing Arts Center

David and Soraya Maman

Knicole Haggins
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Cody Fulgencio says:

    Can't elaborate how much fun this class is! I subscribed on Wollen Dance to be able to take Groov3 classes on demand online. Looking to see if we could get more of these "night club" sessions that are continuous dance moves rather than choreography where we have to stop and review moves. I like the flow of this video where it is non stop but music is great, high energy and dance is so easy to follow. Is this something in the works?

  2. Eartha Baca says:


  3. Parker Ly says:

    I LOST 80 in 2 months! I was 140 before!

  4. Parker Ly says:

    I eat snakes of fire measels and weasels like ron of the caviar in land of slugs

  5. James Juarez says:

    OMGosh I'm screaming!!! LOVE Love love this!! I've been looking for a workout that blends GREAT music with exercise – a great club vibe without the club shenanigans lol Thank you xo


    u r louder than music.. and its bad

  7. paul nath says:

    This is freaking good

  8. ChefRachel says:

    Hi I know it’s been a while but I’d really love to buy this track. When I click the link you provided, nothing is there. I’ve also looked on DJ Renz page. I can’t find it. Can you please help? 🙂

  9. Tiana Keuschel says:

    cool dance

  10. Miguel Solomon says:

    This is Badass I have not moved like that in a long time i am so enjoying this

  11. Víctor Belmartino says:

    Excelente! Saludos desde Argentina!!

  12. Victoria Gray says:

    was so excited, but can't hear music!!should have turned it up !!

  13. jowlkanitz says:

    still do this workout, my favorite. what was the song before love on top? aroung the 5:20 mark please please, i love it but i can't find the title

  14. Thannicha Lermtong says:

    Thank you

  15. Shantanu Mittal says:

    Can I get this audio mix? It's dope AF.

  16. tcritelli says:

    yeah boogiezone!!!!

  17. Allan Muir says:

    I cannot dance what so ever, but this video made it fun, and actually showed you basic club moves, this is the best ever dance video for beginners like myself, well done, this is awesome,

  18. Cody Fulgencio says:

    Favorite workout- love the mix and the fact the routine is easy to follow and continuous. Other dance fitness channels are broken out by song. I like the living room sessions too but like this workout even better. Groov3 is taught 45 minutes away from me so I enjoy following this from the comfort of home.

  19. Jerwin Gordo says:

    Love it 🙂

  20. Samantha Theriot says:

    Oh mon dieu….this is so awesome….love the music, the energy, the people, I look like a retarded lizard doing this as an ex ballet dancer but damn I smile the whole way through…..great work !!!

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