Best 5 Morning Exercises To Do Before Work. Jump Start Your Day With This Quick Fitness Routine.

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Hi Friends!

Set yourself up for success by taking a few minutes in the morning to move your body before your work day. Here are the best 5 Morning Exercises to do before work and a quick video routine that will help you start your day in strength.

Do you hit snooze more than once? Are you a “too rushed in the morning to eat breakfast” kind of person? Is your phone the first thing you look at when you get out of bed? Do you feel frazzled, scrambled, or all over the place when you wake up? Is it hard for you to focus on anything other than: get out the door and get your butt to work?

How you start your day is how you live your day. Start your day in a stressful way and it will most likely continue to be that way.

And lets be real here: you ultimately become what you repeatedly do. If your morning habits aren’t helping you, they’re hurting you.

How do you want to begin your day? Here’s a quick habit that will help you jumpstart your day with energy, focus, power and strength:


Before you tuck your head under the covers, hear me out: you don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn, run a marathon, or spend a super sweaty hour in the gym. Just a few minutes of Morning Exercises can make a huge difference in your posture, performance, energy, and mental state. A little bit goes a long way and can completely change how you live your day.

I often call exercise “physical coffee”, because getting a little dose of movement can put an extra pep in your step. The goal for getting a quick shot of Morning Exercises in when you wake-up is to ‘jumpstart’ your body for the day. You want to get your heart rate up, increase blood flow throughout your body, loosen up your muscles, and straighten out your posture. A little cup of exercise can help you walk taller, feel stronger, boost your confidence, and set you up for a day of success.

Here are 5 of the most effective Morning exercises you can do before work to start your day on a strong note. These exercises help you stretch out tight muscles, wake up your core, and lengthen your posture. Don’t have time for all 5? Do one! Or mix in a few of these Morning Exercises throughout your day for improved mobility, energy, and strength.

Ready to get started? Skip the snooze button and join me for the best 5 Morning Exercises to do before work and this quick morning fitness video routine that will jumpstart your day in strength.

Enjoy this video with the Best 5 Morning Exercises To Do Before Work.

I believe exercise is one of the key ingredients in having energy and living a powerful life. How will you start your day? I hope these Morning Exercises serve you in feeling your very best. Leave me a comment below if you try these Morning Exercises before your work day and let me know how you feel! And as always, if you liked this post, PLEASE HIT LIKE, SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and share this video with your friends! Thank you for your support in my work. I am here to help you feel your best inside and out.
Here’s to you starting and living every day in strength,


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LA Weight Loss

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Thank you for being with us..
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3 Things I learned Being 100lbs Overweight

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3 Things I learned Being 100lbs Overweight – Thomas DeLauer

I wanted to be able to address three things that I’ve learned in my transformation. Three things that are a little bit different from what you might normally think and normally you think, oh I learned that the keto diet can help me lose weight or intermittent fasting can help me lose weight, or this and that. The reality is those things changed my life. They saved my life quite honestly, but you hear about those in every single video that I do.

I used to sit in my car and just be quiet and be sad and kind of wallow in my own pity simply because it was me and the food and that was it and my relationship with food was superseding every other relationship in my life.

So the first thing that I learned through my transformation was that I had to come to grips with my denial. They say that perception is reality for a reason, right? It’s like whatever you look at with something. However you see something is however you make it. And I realize that once I changed my perception, things could change. But until then, my perception of myself was sad and depressed. I needed to understand what was going on and honestly this is so cliché, but I mean, accepting and understanding that you’re in denial is probably the biggest step towards anything.

The next thing that I’ve learned or that I couldn’t stand okay was that how much intimacy played a role in my healing. when I was overweight, my libido was just garbage. I was destroyed, I had no libido. Now the question was, was my libido down because I was physically unhealthy and didn’t have good libido or was my self-esteem so low that I just didn’t have libido? The world may never know. I mean, the blood work shows that I was pretty unhealthy and I’m sure that played a role, but I actually like to think that it was more mental than anything. The intimacy, it just allowed me to feel better about myself and then it’s perpetual, right? It’s again, perception is reality. As you start seeing yourself in a different light, that becomes reality and it just compounds and compounds and compounds until next thing you know, you look down and you’re not even the same person.

Stress causes inflammation. Stress therefore causes you to eat more and the certain kinds of foods or obesity in general triggers inflammation.Inflammation was the root of everything. When you have two neural synapses or two neurons, okay. And there’s the synaptic cleft in between them. You got two neurons that are sending a signal to each other. They’re communicating. We have so many, just a labyrinth of different neural connections in our body. That’s what creates just a network of so many different decisions and thought processes. Think trillions and trillions of these right, that just can dictate which path we go and when there’s inflammation in your brain, these neurons can’t communicate with each other. Their signal is disrupted literally by inflammation and that’s what people don’t understand is unhealthy foods and fast food and things like that, we are living in a cesspool of inflammation and we don’t make the right decisions.

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Top 9 Best and Popular Health Websites Rank list

Top 9 Best and Popular Health Websites Rank list

This video about Top 9 Best and Popular Health Websites Rank list of 2016. You must watch this video till end to know the all websites rank details.

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How to Gain 20 LBS of Muscle! (THE RIGHT WAY)

How to Gain 20 LBS of Muscle! (THE RIGHT WAY)

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There are plenty of ways to gain muscle and pack on muscle mass, but many of them are either ill advised or dangerous. In this video, I’m going to show you the nutrition and training principles that Jesse has followed over the last 14 months that have allowed him to pack on 20 pounds of muscle mass without putting on fat. Even if you have been training for awhile and are close to your genetic potential for size, this video is going to help you to add at least a few pounds of muscle if you listen to the key points shared.

The first thing we need to do is break the video up into the two major focal points, training and nutrition. They obviously go hand in hand and both are required to see your best gains. On the training side of things however, it starts with the order in which you attack your workouts. Many people will advise you to stick to a few basic lifts and simply aim to get stronger in them. As you increase your strength you will increase your size.

While this is certainly true, there is a big problem that often comes along with the infatuation with adding weight to the bar as a measure of your progress and that is that true strength is eventually eclipsed by compensatory strength which leads to structural issues down the road. Think about it. Our bodies are masters of compensation. Give them a chance to figure out a way to take stress off the muscles and divert it to the joints and they will. This happens all the time on the big lifts since there are so many joints involved in performing them.

The problem is, the compensations we make are often disguised and hidden really well. You still complete the reps and sets you were aiming to complete and you aren’t aware of the faulty patterning you are ingraining. As you continue to add strength and weight to the bar over the next few months and years, you are only worsening a problem that could have been overcome by instead first focusing on building proper body command and mind muscle control before being conscious of how quickly you were adding weight to the bar.

The same can be said for being infatuated with the numbers not just on the sides of the weights you’re using but in the sets and reps you are performing. Far too often people become fixated on performing a certain number of reps that they forget the most important factor in lifting weights and that is the intensity of your effort and the amount of tension you are providing to the muscles you are trying to grow.

Beyond this of course is the tendency to overlook the accessory lifts. I recently did an entire video dedicated to this and showed you how important these smaller exercises were to helping improve the performance on the big lifts. Here I show you once again how that can be so impactful on your strength and size when you correct this.

On the nutrition side of things the eat big get big mentality simply isn’t true, not at least if you want to maximize lean gains and not have to worry about having to cut unwanted fat. See how quality of food should come before quantity and how nutrition consistency is ultimately the holy grail of keeping the gains coming for a long time to come.

For a complete program of nutrition and step by step training that will help you to safely pack on as much size as you can in the shortest time possible, head to and get the Max Size program. See how training like an athlete can accelerate the rate at which you build explosive muscle and keep it forever.

For more videos on how to build muscle fast and the best way to eat to gain muscle, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at
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Nick Cannon Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

From pulling a giant yellow hummer, to building cinder block walls, Nick Cannon’s home workout regime is as creative as the artist himself. In the latest episode of “Gym & Fridge” Nick Cannon shows us his home gym, his approach to fitness and what he eats to stay strong.

Nick Cannon Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health


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Fitness One Tour

Fitness One Tour

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Interesting health topics

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