Powerlifting with SUPER GLUED Limbs *WORLD RECORD* | Bodybuilder VS Crazy Weightlifting Test

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In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I attempt powerlifting with all my limbs super glued! This crazy gorilla glue weightlifting test is definitely a world first and world record. I bet even people like Larry Wheels, Ronnie Coleman, Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall would fail miserably at something like this. They may be professional powerlifters, bodybuilders and strongmen but they have nothing on Houston Jones! As always though, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. We are trained professionals and this video is for educational/entertainment purposes only.

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Bodybuilder VS is a series where I play the role of a stereotypical cocky bodybuilder and attempt all kinds of crazy/funny things.

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20 Responses to Powerlifting with SUPER GLUED Limbs *WORLD RECORD* | Bodybuilder VS Crazy Weightlifting Test

  1. Houston Jones says:

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  2. Wild Berry says:

    Spoon up the ass you wont !

  3. Scott Grigor says:

    Man Houston should have way more subs at least 10mill he just has awesome content and puts himself through so much pain. I would say all of thease were passes not a fail at all lol

  4. MrJackpoppy says:

    Kenny ko fake glue

  5. Solid G3 Legend says:

    Try drinking Sake for the next alchole test to proove you are the greatest samurai to have ever lived.

  6. Ronald Rim says:

    Body builder v.s bullet ants

  7. Brayden_ Dom says:

    Greatest video ever, lol, how th do you even get that super glue off??

  8. Mark Elliott says:

    Super clue your hands and then keep adding weights.

  9. Valiant Videos says:

    Not gonna lie the super glue vids arent that entertaining. You can do better bro. New idea, for a vid, do a fire and ice gauntlet where you eat a whole bunch of hot peppers/ foods items then try to cool off eating ice cream and slurpies and ice cubes.

  10. Jimmy Spoon says:

    Dude you are insanely funny. Just got to ask "Why do you do this shit to yourself". Keep up the good work ✌

  11. Robby Wallace says:

    Liked, already subscribed. And this is my …

  12. TheUltimateDoom 1 says:

    You should do a "peaceful" Q and A

  13. Rocko 04 says:


  14. Jon Moore says:

    Houston, you are looking extra swoll today. Hope your ankle gets better soon

  15. XGN RIFFS says:

    It's Friday the 13th motherfuckers

  16. Darrien Thomas says:

    I bet u can't even run throw cold cold water 🤔😲

  17. Sammy Fox Forever says:

    You should super glue your hat to your head and your glasses to your face🤣🤣

  18. isaiah mountford says:

    2:36 mins 😂😂😂

  19. Tyler Johnson says:

    Take some nutshots

  20. Wade Holt says:

    Butt crack glued shut with laxatives

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