In my opinion here are some of the pros and cons of using low carb diets as a method of weight loss. ↓OPEN ME↓
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Consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. Don’t feel discouraged if these methods do not work for you. We’re all different! Good luck! 🙂
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20 thoughts on “PROS & CONS OF LOW CARB DIETS

  1. Hi Kaylah I really like your personality and your videos (short and straight to the point). I myself have approximately 60 lbs to lose and just started low carbing again ( I know this work). I have watched a number of your videos and just a suggestion…I think you should now try cooking low carb meals using substitute ingredients such as coconut/almond/ flax flour, make your own low carb bread/biscuits and various desserts so that you will feel less deprive ( this is what I am planning to do) familiarise yourself with these ingredients and see how best to use them so that maintainance will be much easier. I have lost a ton of weight in the past eating low carb but could not maintain it but now with all the great substitutions out there, I am sure I will do much better this time around. Good Luck girl…see you around

  2. I don't know if you've ever answered this question and if so I'd like to be directed to an answer but: When you did get off the low-carb/keto diet did you have major binges as in not just one day with sweets but multiple days or even weeks and months where you binge on and off?
    I really want to try low-carb again, but I don't want to experience binge eating or any of that anymore. I really agree with how good low-carb is for you or even eating paleo and I want to get back on it again.

  3. I had to increase carb intake to around 100 decreased fats to 30 and no longer eat meat. I intermittent fast for 19 hours a day. So far so good going low on carbs I didn't have the energy for my two girls.

  4. totally love your video just went back to somewhat carbs and that Bombed Out so I'm back on the wagon with LCHF.. gained 10 lbs.. bummer..

  5. I have insulin resistance,PCOS and hypothyroidism (aren't I the lucky one!) and low carb has been the only diet that gives me results. All the other ones I barely see results even after months of dieting and exercise. So I get discouraged and quit. Love your videos girl!

  6. After you said this was good for insulin resistance and pcos I think I will start this diet. I keep putting it off. I also have epilepsy. I've put it off because I eat out a lot :/

  7. Kaylah, I really need your help. So I've been doing SO much research on Ketogenic and Low-Carb diets, but I still can't make up my mind.

    I began looking into the Ketogenic diet after looking at some bomb keto recipes (like, who doesn't love their daily bacon?). However, the thing that really caught my eye was that your cravings for carbs come down with a Ketogenic diet. I really loved this prospect, but honestly, I would still like to have cheat meals every now and then, and I know that this isn't possible when I'm just staring to become adapted to Ketosis. Also, if I want to go back to a "normal carb" or relatively low carb diet after I do a Ketogenic diet for about 2 months, would everything backfire on me? I feel like my body will gain back all of the weight which I worked so hard to put off. Honestly, a Ketogenic diet seems very tempting as of now, but if I decide after about 2 months to have a like 3-day cheat (I'm going on a trip in 2 months), would my body gain back all of the fat? To put it simply, if I were to do go into Ketosis, but then decide to go off the diet at some point, would it all be for nothing? I'm really, truthfully worried about this. I have no idea what to do. I've considered Carb-cycling as well, but I've heard that that makes you get more carb cravings? Please help me, Kaylah. I'm desperate, and I'll own up to it.

  8. do you have any tips for a college student? It's hard to come up with snacks and meals I can take with me during the day or get on the go

  9. Grow them out! Mine are naturally thick. You'll love the after once they are all cleaned up. I take Biotin and I have Native American blood in me so I'm naturally hairy..a true pro and con. Takes 4 weeks or more. DONT GIVE UP! I NEVER EVER WAX or RAZOR BLADE, tweezers ONLY. My skin is sensitive. But HEY, DO you..again, DONT GIVE UP!

  10. For growing out eyebrows, unfortunately, it's all about time. Also, get yourself an eyebrow razor. This way you can 'shape' your brows but since it's just shaving, you don't affect the hair growth at all and they come back quickly. Those kept me sane for the MONTHS it took to grow in one of my eyebrows with a sparse patch. Also castor oil, trimming with scissors (mine get so long!) and eyebrow pencils kept me somewhat sane lol

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