12 thoughts on “Raw Food Movement Info and How to Get Started | Healthy Recipes | Fitness How To

  1. it is also possible that you lost fat and gained muscle weight, have you
    checked you body fat percentage before and after?

  2. I’ve read a couple of her books. she is a really good chef. as for her
    credentials, I’m skeptical of what a lot of “health experts” say too

  3. I would definitely only use organic fruit and veggies. Too many pesticides
    in non organic – especially in strawberries and things with no peels.

  4. It is as long as it has just raw fish, seaweed, and veggies. 🙂 but no
    cooked rice. raw fish poses a health risk, so it is better to stick with
    raw plant based foods.

  5. if your eating habit was totally messed up before, that might be a result,
    you should know that if your body is used to starve and you eat like a
    normal person again and a normal amount of calories, you will gain weight.
    that’s because your body is used to be in starvation mode and thinks “oh
    theres more food, I’m gonna save that up for later, you never know” . I
    hope that made you understand a possible reason why you gained weight
    during the detox.

  6. I tried her 15 day Fat Blast and I gained weight. Plus, I was on her fb
    page and was looking for help as to why. I wasn’t the only one looking for
    answers and guidance and all she ever does is show off and is a “OH LOOK AT
    ME”! person. I was really disappointed. Don’t follow her advice. Go look up
    other raw foodies who are way more helpful on your raw food journey.

  7. i’m sorry but what exactly are her credentials? wikipedia says she
    graduated in international business or business managment. isn’t this whole
    detox trend completely unscientific? and why wouldn’t doritos decompose if
    you throw them in the earth?

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