Reebok HQ Gym | The BEST In The World?!

Reebok HQ Gym | The BEST In The World?!

2018 Year End Reflections on my proudest professional accomplishment of the year. Building the Reebok World Headquarters Fitness Facility and growing it in its first year. From being the home to Reebok CrossFit One to being the home of over 90% of the Reebok employees to workout, I give a little tour and breakdown of the gym!

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Austin Malleolo is a 8-time CrossFit Games Athlete, part of the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff, General Manager of Reebok Word HQ Fitness Center, and owner as well as head coach of CrossFit One Nation and The HAM Plan.

I love that I am able to do what I love everyday of my life and have the privilege to be able to compete with the best athletes in the world!
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3 Responses to Reebok HQ Gym | The BEST In The World?!

  1. Luke Mccaughan says:

    Creating a gym better than having a kid? What is wrong with people

  2. Sven Knöfler says:

    WOW! This gym is on another level! Amazing👍🏼
    I would absolutely love to check it out in person! Great Job👌🏼
    From one affiliate owner to another I’m super impressed❗️
    Happy new year from Germany Austin, keep up the great work in 2019🤙🏼

  3. Amanda YoMo WoD says:

    Love what you are doing, Austin! I’m so grateful I was able to do my L1 with you at Reebok One. Your mission of wellness is inspiring!! Have a successful and abundant 2019!!

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