25 thoughts on “Reverse Dieting: Tips & IIFYM Grocery Pickups

  1. the manufacture make them little Debbie oatmeal cream pie smaller over the
    last 4-6 years 3:14 u love cream pies..oh now that is a double meaning lol

  2. Awesome video, really enjoy watching your food haha! Don’t know if you saw
    on my instagram but I am doing the reverse dieting as well now after a cut.
    Love every monday when I can add 100 more calories! 

  3. loove revise dieting, it’s pretty exciting too see how far one can goo! Got
    some real good pickups. So jealous of some of the foods you US peepz can
    get doe

  4. Great tips man! You definitely have a great grasp on nutrition. The grocery
    pick ups were great, I use to absolutely love those oatmeal creme pies as a
    kid as well haha

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