Rocco DiSpirito Reveals His Negative Calorie Diet

Does losing ten pounds in ten days sound impossible? Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and discusses his new ‘Negative Calorie’ recipes to help us do just that.

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15 Responses to Rocco DiSpirito Reveals His Negative Calorie Diet

  1. FurMan4U says:

    This was a great segment. She's a good interviewer – smart, quick questions and Rocco really knew his stuff

  2. Crni Covek says:

    Needs shade at night? Ahahahwhhwwh

  3. Mike says:

    Rocco is 51.

  4. Jodie Finney says:

    This is a gorgeous man

  5. Elize van Tonder says:

    Very Interesting, It really looks great. but I think there was a slip of the tongue at 2: 06, " They need shade at night" … Huh?

  6. Christ Julius says:

    If you are looking for the best diet guide you should check these guides from Woo&Pep diet website.

  7. lucaboden says:

    this is a stupid diet especially for men. as we age we need testosterone building foods and exercise. this is the opposite of what he suggests. just rename this to the Caitlyn Jenner diet

  8. Art Z says:

    and his restaurants are negative money makers.

  9. shinning star2019 says:

    a guy named Matt Retherford wrote the negative calorie diet book first. it's an ebook.

  10. sean noonan says:


  11. Mikey Savelli says:


  12. Kitten Lyric says:

    I hate broccoli tho

  13. Dee Perry says:

    Well I'm glad I was stupid and gullible enough to try this cause I'm now 12lbs lighter. Thanks Rocco

  14. Bucketlist Bandit says:

    Nick Onken sent me here 🙂

  15. Catherine C says:

    Rocco is not a con man. I met him at food & wine festival a couple of years ago; he was genuine and down to earth.

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