Shawn Mendes – The Weight

Shawn Mendes – The Weight (Lyric Video)
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20 Responses to Shawn Mendes – The Weight

  1. cyndri ana says:

    why isn't this on spottily? it's been years i totally forgot about that song

  2. Bri meza says:

    me dices que eres más feliz con ella pero dices que me quedé

  3. Katie Buell says:

    after the millions of times i've watched this video over the years i just noticed how the word pizza shows up on the side of the box as he throws it off the table, when it had been blank before lmao. i cant breathe

  4. Kashmala Amir says:

    Still in love with song in 2019 so relatable

  5. Ana Júlia Ferraz says:


  6. Tamii Gilbert says:

    he was a baby this is adorable

  7. Itzel Mnds says:


  8. OneK says:

    I did a cover of this awhile back! Such a good song wow I love the guitar on it

  9. Jane T says:

    R.I.P that pizza at 1:27

  10. Coconut Covers says:

    In the middle of the night when i don't feel right i dream i can hold you

  11. Lynda Kaganzev says:

    this song really hits me

  12. Lynda Kaganzev says:


  13. manaal abid says:

    Anyone 2019???

  14. Sıla Gamsız says:

    Why do I cry every time I listen to it?

  15. מאיה אשכנזי says:

    Please come to Israel 🇮🇱

  16. S says:


  17. Chester Tang says:

    Love you Shawn

  18. LMAO XD says:

    I can't lift the weight that you're happier with him.. and not me 🙂

  19. Vanessa Beltran says:


  20. Vanessa Beltran says:


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