Should You Eat Right After A Workout?

What to eat after a workout to build muscle and lose fat?

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When it comes to post workout nutrition you’re going to hear different opinions. Some people will eat right after training, some will have a post workout shake, and some may not have anything. It’s not that one strategy is “right” or “wrong” it just varies depending on the individual and what they are training for (i.e. bulking or cutting).

For mass building bulking phases you should consume a post workout shake that contains simple carbs and fast digesting protein. This will help to prevent muscle break down, replenish the nutrients you burned during your training, and spike your insulin levels which can be a very anabolic muscle building hormone right after a hard weight training workout.

However, when training for fat loss you may opt to skip the post workout shake and wait an hour after training before eating anything. The reason for this is that right after a hard workout you’re body will continue burning calories at an elevated rate and when you combine this with heightened metabolic hormones, like growth hormone, you will be in an ideal fat burning mode.

Growth hormone and insulin are 2 opposing hormones. In nature when insulin levels are high, growth hormone is suppressed. When growth hormone levels are high, insulin levels are generally low. So if you spike your insulin levels with a post workout shake, you’ll suppress your growth hormone levels to some degree and minimize the fat burning benefits.

Despite the name, growth hormone is mostly a fat burning hormone. When growth hormone is high, fat burning is also high.

So to conclude:
When bulking, have your post workout nutrition (i.e. post workout shake).
When cutting, skip the post workout shake and wait an hour until you eat your next solid food meal.

20 thoughts on “Should You Eat Right After A Workout?

  1. I take whey only once a day. I workout early in the morning after taking whey protein and 1 banana. I have heard that if I take protein before workout it would be used as fuel source. Is that true? I can't eat cooked food so early in the morning because I my schedule is very tight. What do you think ?

  2. Hi Lee, how about having an isolate portein shake post workout and no carbs or calories! Would that hinder the weight loss too?

  3. Another great video Lee. Definitely on the losing body fat program right now. Thanks for the tips! When you say take the BCAA's during the workout, did you mean in pill form, or otherwise? Thanks!

  4. Gain weight = Caloric surplus
    Lose weight = Caloric deficit
    Gain muscle/fat = Eat pre and post workout
    Lose fat/muscle = Don't eat pre and post workout

  5. can any one suggested why when I doing work out I feel uncomfortable and I feel little bit head ache like anxiety…even though I eat before work out

  6. Lee I have a problem where I'm never hungry after workouts. It's like I'm hindering my recovery by not eating but I literally have no appetite for two hours after a workout

  7. I've read carbs post cardio for fat loss is bad how long roughly should I wait before consuming any food post cardio?

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