2 thoughts on ““Special” workouts and “training advice” for women?

  1. 100% agree with the video. Kelsea Koenreich just did a good video on this
    very subject too. The bullshit toning exercises that supposed “fitness
    experts” come up with do absolutely nothing, but they convince women that
    real training will turn them into bodybuilders. There really is almost no
    difference at all in how men and women should train. Women will just on the
    whole use less weight. Now, on why you don’t write articles or something
    specifically for women, I understand your reasoning, but you might change
    this with ease by using the same articles and just substituting either
    masculine pronouns for the female equivalent or non-gender specific
    pronouns to female equivalents to market specifically for women. From what
    I’ve seen, women like that certain things are designed specifically for
    them. They don’t like the do what the guys do approach, so tell them it’s
    different. Just give them the exact same programs, but a different title.

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