Step Cardio Blast/Biceps

Fun easy to follow choreographed step class. 55 minutes of a high calorie burn fun time…you need 15s, 20s and or 25s for weights! Have fun

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20 Responses to Step Cardio Blast/Biceps



  2. elsa condori says:

    excelente!!!! very good

  3. Lucimar Cima says:

    Adorei toda essa aula curtiu muito 👏👏👏

  4. Monica Dos Santos says:

    Brutal ☠☠Me consumió….🥵🥵🥵🥵(Exelente clase!!👏👏👏)Traduccion al español por favor!!!🙌

  5. Tracy Strunkheide says:


  6. nancy razo says:

    Hola gracias 💐

  7. Lisa S From Ohio says:

    I like and appreciate that your moves aren’t super choreographed and difficult to follow along. Great video.

  8. Danielle Draper says:

    How do you speak through that! 🙌 I'm hooked and going to do all your workouts! Even my eyeballs are sweating. Great workout and music 👌👍👊

  9. Büşra Köse says:

    Kaç kalori bu video bacılar

  10. Jennifer Bichara says:

    Loving all your workouts. My workout today.

  11. Wiciuxoo says:

    love that, but am lokking for music from video, maybe you can link me it there. Greetings

  12. killa kall says:

    Anybody know what's the song called in this video please

  13. Giovana Pereira says:


  14. karla hernandez says:


  15. zdragonfly1974 says:

    Kicked my butt girl!! I will try again to keep up 🔥🔥

  16. Maud Mahud says:

    Je suis française. Merci beaucoup i love it ! Je suis épuisée mais cela fait du bien. Bravo aux femmes de la vidéo qui ne lâchent rien. Ouha je recommencerai. Merci

  17. henri caubet says:

    Very well, I hope an other video soom.

  18. 123xconnieb says:

    Awesome! ! Easy to follow. even have the classic teal and purple step just like i do!

  19. Anthina wida rahayu wr says:

    Hello 🤗🤗🤗. How many calories you can burn with this video?

  20. Step Vilaseca says:

    I enjoyed your class very much!

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