STOP paint overspray. Use Titan's New TR1 HEA Spray Tips.

How to control overspray with your airless gun tips. Titan’s new revolutionary TR1 HEA tips reduce over spray by 55%. Watch our TR1 HEA tip video to help you STOP paint overspray.

How to paint ceilings FAST:

Links to tools used in this video:
Full Titan HEA setup:
Titan HEA tips:
Titan RX-Pro spray gun:
HEA tip pressure guage:

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20 Responses to STOP paint overspray. Use Titan's New TR1 HEA Spray Tips.

  1. Patrick Swanson says:

    Great` video! If you were to use an HEA tip inside to do quite a bit of trim and raised panel wainscot (its en enclosed bar area), how much "fog" would you expect? Its a repaint, same color, semigloss using C2 Cabinet & Trim, Im thinking probably a 311 tip. You mention in the video that they arent really fine finish tip, would an HEA tip even be appropriate for that?

  2. Buddy Barlow says:

    So they will work with a titan rx 80 gun with the housing that comes with it?

  3. DIRETO DA OBRA says:

    Chris, what is the difference between the tip Graco FFLP and the tip Titan TR1 HEA ?

  4. Mr. Garber says:

    How would this tip do in regard to dust on an apartment?

  5. Reggie Silva says:

    Graco vs Titan
    A real machine vs a "toaster"
    It is up to you to decide…

  6. Phil Murphy says:

    Chris, I see that Grace offers an HEA style tip as well. Guys keep up the good work!

  7. Joseph Rochefort says:

    Best demo ever; thanks, with my 840 there's a gage at the unit and now I have one on my gun, therefore I can see any drop with added hoses and adjust as needed for gun head pressure. Good stuff men, thanks. Joseph….GreenHeart

  8. Charles Heisey says:

    I've been looking at the Titan and Graco paint sprayers. What makes the system a high efficiency/low overspray sprayer? Is it the tip or pump or both?

    If I use a Graco sprayer with a Titan TR1 HEA spray tip will I get the same results as if I used a Titan sprayer with the TR1 HEA spray tip?

    The Titan ControlMax 1700 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer, is it the tip that makes this sprayer HE?

  9. Jeremy Dobson says:

    Hey Chris, have you tried the LP tips from Graco? Not the fine finish ones. Are they comparable to the HEA tips?

  10. ZiggiesAquatic Exotics says:

    High efficiency atomizer ?

  11. Scott Sisco says:

    Thanks guys for all your help. Do you recommend the Titan sprayer over the Graco?

  12. Crazy Canadian says:

    Does the hea tips come in a fine finish option?

  13. cody rafie says:

    What is the piece called that the pressure gauge fits into?

  14. Eric Falloutguy says:

    So do I need to use 2 gauges?

  15. DK Designs Custom Countertops says:

    any issues with paint drifting on other houses or cars?

  16. Henry Garza says:

    Can you give a demonstration of a worn spray tip compared to a new one?

  17. Mr. Garber says:

    The biggest problem with low psi has been constant tip clogging. Extra fine filter, and 17 thousands did not help. How are these rated? 515,517,etc? Also, give up with the gauge at the gun. It will soon burst, causing you much grief. Also as the gun filter loads by the hour, the gun gauge is pointless. Better off with pump gauge, and learn the feel of a good psi. Also, ideal tip and psi will vary between products, bases, and colors within each product, just as coverage can vary from 50 sq foot per gallon to 800 sq foot per gallon, depending product, color, opacity, and objectives.

  18. Mr. Garber says:

    Would be more useful as a 4 way…. I would note, never, ever, ever spray in a nice house where people live, due to spray dust. Hvlp or airless. I wonder if this tip could be the exception. It may be answer to spraying ceilings and trim repaint inside. A low quality spray finish is always better than the best roller and brush finish. However dust is forbidden inside. Lower dust outside is healthier for the painter. Can you get the same gallon per minute?

  19. johnnybarbar says:

    I can't see that the guages are needed if the pattern goes from fingering to feathered as the correct pressure is reached. That pump setting can be marked or noted for each paint type and hose length.

  20. Olli D says:

    I wanna paint a house. What tip do I use for the finish on the titan? Or can use the one in video?

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