Summer Cutting Meal Plan: The Prep

It’s not too late to get cut for summer! Check out the “Summer Cutting Meal Plan: The Prep” to start shredding fat and get those abs popping. I’m a firm believer that muscles are made in the kitchen, doing ab workouts is great and all but you may want to spend more time in the kitchen and less in the gym. This meal plan has worked for me and I’m confident it will work for you if you stick to it.

Remember to watch the 2nd video “Summer Cutting Meal Plan: Time To Eat” for a full breakdown of all the meals. The breakdown includes when to eat these meals as well as total amount of protein, carbs, and fats.

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20 thoughts on “Summer Cutting Meal Plan: The Prep

  1. hi, those this meal prep help for loosing weight or it just for cutting. if so what meal prep you recomend for loosing weight. thanks.

  2. jey i have a question for u what do you usually eat the other 2 days are they like cheat days or do u do something similar

  3. Still commenting on a video that's a year old, pretty nice of you. I'm gonna try this meal plan on my next food rotation, looks pretty awesome.

  4. I got to tell you man diet has been the hardest part, it's hard to get in quality meals when you re barely home the workouts are the easy part. You sir made this look so easy to prep for the entire week. I m getting right to it looks delicious too. Keep bringing these videos :)

  5. nice.. ummm how many meals should I have in a day… I work so I get lunch at 11 in the morning and dinner around 5 ish … and I try not to eat to late.

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