23 thoughts on “SUPERHERO FITNESS MEAL PLAN (Weight Loss Secret)

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  2. Oh man as soon as i heard Beyonce has a song drunken love i thought of your
    song drunk love which i love so much!!…That’s messed up tho…

  3. How do you feel about Beyoncé song drunken love being that your song is
    drunk love isn’t that a hot mess but your song is hot as well you keep
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  4. I love you I do! So no disrespect intended at w this.
    TITLE AND NEVER HEARD THE SONG! The songs are completely talking about
    different. And on top of that, its called Drunk IN Love. So for good God,
    ladies and gents go listen to the song and.then do the comparison. 

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  6. Praying I get the meal plan for christmas but if not ima get it on my
    own..cant wait!! Super excited u used my transformation pic too 🙂

  7. Thank you guys soooo much for everything! I laugh almost always even though
    I go through the same routines over and over again… The fun, inspiration
    and motivation have definitely made a difference in my life and I’m so
    grateful to you… Please continue along this journey, I know for a fact
    that your support base will only expand… My biceps are becoming defined!
    Amazing! We love you… From Jamaica!

  8. You make us feel like you are our personal trainer! I really enyoy the
    workoutsand have been loosing mass, tightening up and I feel awesome. Im
    ballin on a budget here but want to incorperate this plan as much as
    possable! Thanx n love the hair =)

  9. Thank you! My problem is trying to change the way I eat while cooking
    different things for the children, so this is awesome. Oh and love the new
    hair! You’ll look fabulous:)

  10. I love your song and video (Drunk love), Beyonce just came out with a song
    similar to your title but I like yours better. You are rocking it out.

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