Table Manners 101: Basic Dining Etiquette

You don’t have to practice perfect table manners at home, but you should have a basic grasp on dining etiquette so you know how to handle yourself at a formal dinner without embarrassing yourself.

While sometimes manners and etiquette seem like “rules for rules’ sake,” at their core, manners are just about being mindful and considerate of other people.

In this video, you’ll learn the basic “must-know” table manners so you can get through a formal dinner without incident.

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20 thoughts on “Table Manners 101: Basic Dining Etiquette

  1. Sir. I still cannt get how many the forks on the table nd how am i using it. Please could u explain it more on your video? Tks. GB

  2. My Great-Grandfather told me he took great-grandmother to a restaurant for their 20th wedding anniversary which was her first time to eat in a restaurant. He said as they were eating their meal he saw his wife scratching her back with her fork. He said it embarrassed him so much that he almost dropped a handful of mashed potatoes.

  3. White ways. Always complicating things to make themselves seem more civilised and more superior. It's just food. Just sit down and eat and have fun. We're all gonna shit all of it out like pigs anyway . Why be pretentious? tssk

  4. To end a family disagreement, I have a question. Is it ok to drink the milk from your cereal bowl in the morning after the cereal is gone? I say spoon out some of the milk and do not drink from the bowl. My husband days it's ok. So is it ok or not?

  5. Hi. .sometimes we go to another country for a business trip and the hostess invites for a formal meal but havent even heard about that local foods …what is your suggestions for this situation when we dont know what we are eating and to eat that?

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