Tacfit Commando – Military Training Workouts Program

zc.me Tacfit Commando is a bodyweight exercise program created by Scott Sonnon. This program includes exercises and routines that Scott Sonnon uses to train military, government, and special ops groups around the globe. These men don’t need bigger muscles just for appearance’s sake. They need to be able to perform in extreme circumstances and to be sure their body is in top form at all times. This is why the exercises in the TacfitCommando are functional exercises designed to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, recovery, and the ability to create short burst of extreme physical activity. In addition, the guys in special ops units don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym and do traditional workouts. Often, they’re no where near a gym, but they still need to workout hard. This is why all the workouts in the Tacfit Commando program don’t require equipment and can be done very fast. In fact, the entire program is built on the concept on ultra-short but intensive workouts. The exercises are quick and the rest time between sets is short. Each workout is up to 30 minutes long and can be done practically everywhere. Find out more at ➡ zc.me

25 thoughts on “Tacfit Commando – Military Training Workouts Program

  1. Thanks Coach. I particularly love the warm up for the Drifts and Accelerator. These really helped with my bicipital tendonitis. My shoulder now is good to go for Kali practice again. I am now in TACfit Commando 2 R2. God bless you Coach Sonnon for sharing your knowledge. More success to RMAX and TAcfit.

  2. Tacfit Commando is a bodyweight workout system used by the Royal Marines, Navy SEALS and Special Ops. Tacfit Commando builds muscle, burns fat and enhances the all round fitness of the individual (aka the warrior).

  3. If I understand correctly, this exercises are designed do strengthen and harden your body. Muscle gain is minimal?

  4. i had a book of israeli army exercises and before i reported for duty in the us army i did them for 4 months. i never had an ache or pain or injury the whole time i was in basic. they worked all the right parts. i highly reccomend them.

  5. Great little collection of exercises - thanks for the workout! I did a 12 min. version in intervals (12 rounds of 10 seconds off and 50 seconds high intensity), so did 3 rounds of the exercises. They are deceptive! The first several reps are “easy peasey”…but by the end of the 3rd Round I was seeing pink and purple giraffes. I think the full-body nature of each exercise meant that all of my muscles fatigued at the same rate throughout, and no particular *part* of me feels worked…just “all”!

  6. This is the most effective program, I use tacfit commando as part of my training of mixed martial arts. How many people besides me are doing this great program …Just thumbs up

  7. Great! I’ve been doing tacfit commando exercises, and I feel stronger and more agile, thanks scott …You Rock Man!

  8. I’ve used this program and think it’s amazing! Scott, thank you for sharing your lifes work with us

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  10. hey is this a require weaight thing? Because me n my freind want to try this but my freind n me r kinda of overweight?

  11. Scott, thank you very much for allowing your stuff to be out there for all to learn. I’ve been doing the TacFit Commando now for about two months. I started with Delmonte’s TacFit challenge about five months ago, doing it for about three months. That gave me the stamina and strength needed to begin performing the Springing tripod and the swinging plank. I incorporated the other two exercises, and not only have I been shedding the fat, but I’m sharper in intellect and more resilient.

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