Trying Ariana Grande’s Diet & Workout for TWO WEEKS!

Trying out Ariana Grande’s diet & workout routine for two weeks! What celebrities diet & workout should I try out next? Keep watching to see my trying out Ariana Grande’s diet & workout routine + results! – Lindsay Marie

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Ariana’s smoothies from trainer Harley Pasternak!
Green Smoothie:
Red smoothie:
white smoothie:

*Since arian is vegan, i read she just switches out any dairy like milk or yogurt for alternative such as soy or almond milk! However, you can still add your own dairy too!


Ariana Grande’s Personal Trainer Reveals Her *Ultimate* Fitness Secrets

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Hey! Hope you enjoy this video! I loved watching Boldly do a “Friends try Khloe Kardashians diet for a week” so I thought I would film my own, but with Ariana Grande! I love the results and hope you enjoy this! If you got this far, I love you!

Ariana Grande – What I Eat in A Day + Exercise || Vegan Diet

Ariana Grande - What I Eat in A Day + Exercise || Vegan Diet

Ariana Grande’s Diet / What I Eat In A Day
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I am a big Ariana Grande fan! This is a video of Ariana Grande’s Diet and What she eats in a day for weight loss and to maintain her figure. Ariana Grande eats lots of vegetables and fruits. She loves to eat sweet potatoes and bell peppers. Ariana Grande’s exercise routine is running, cardio and dancing! She’s also an animals rights activist and spreads the message of vegan eating! Vegan Diet, Ariana Grande, Freelee the Banana Girl Please do another video on Ariana Grande! Diet Raw
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