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Carl Roberts won our 2012 Military Transformation Challenge, and now he is a personal trainer, helping to propel his clients forward with their fitness.

Carl Roberts, a United States Marine, isn’t the biggest guy. Never was. But this Afghanistan veteran found a way to gain 50 pounds of lean mass while defending our nation with honor and valor. In our judgment, that makes Roberts one certified badass.

On the heels of those efforts, Roberts won the 2012 Military Transformation Challenge at

Now that he is back stateside, he’s a personal trainer, using his diminutive past to propel his clients into a massive future.

Read his story, sign up for the 2013 contest, and you too can share your story of success!

In high school, Carl Roberts weighed 98 pounds. Yet he still tried out for the football team as a freshman. He washed out in a month, too small to make much of an impact.

Like many high school graduates in search of a direction, Roberts enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school. Suddenly, he was among some of the baddest men on the planet. Being small is OK; being weak is not. His brothers in arms dragged him to the gym, put iron in his fists and set him to work. Carl responded well to the positive reinforcement.

“In the Marine Corps, it’s a big thing to stay active and stay in shape,” Roberts says. “It became a big part of my life to be more active, to put on more mass.”

His first tour began in Okinawa, Japan. He tried boxing and worked with a coach that first year. Toward the end of his second year in Okinawa he started transitioning from daily boxing to weight training, hitting the iron hard.

“I had a roommate and a couple of guys who I stayed with who were big gym rats,” Roberts says. “At first when I would go with them I basically had no knowledge of what to do lifting weights. I’d go in and take the heaviest weight I could lift, do it four times, then move on to another machine. They gave me the basics and the guidelines, showed me the compound movements and the right things to do.”

In time, Carl made fitness a habit: work, chow, gym, and repeat.
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Jessie Hilgenberg’s Fitness Journey: Body By Jessie –

See Jessie’s Full Story:

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how fitness model Jessie Hilgenberg built her incredible physique! Learn from her inspirational fitness journey and get motivated to build your own ideal body.

Being fit and living healthy is what I know and love. Fitness has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a fit family—my dad ran marathons, we had a home gym, and my parents always had gym memberships. Still, I never really caught the training bug until I began playing sports. When I started playing softball, I started hitting the weight room.

But I didn’t always feel at home at the gym. I was never really a cardio person. I just wanted to lift, but I didn’t want to do it alone. I always had to go with my mom, my dad, my brother, or a friend. I didn’t want to use the squat rack because I didn’t want to set a pin wrong. I didn’t want to use a machine that had to be set up because I was worried I didn’t know how to undo the last person’s weights.

Now that I’ve gotten past those feelings and made the gym my stomping ground, I want to do my best to make sure women don’t ever feel like I did.

Using my fitness modeling, fitness coaching, and figure competitions as a platform, I hope to inspire as many people as possible. I’m here to help you change your life. I’m Jessie Hilgenberg.

When I was 19, I was a typical college kid. I smoked cigarettes, drank beer, and didn’t give fitness a second thought. It was a phase in my life where I ate ramen noodles, drank, hung out, and partied.

After college, I came home and knew it was time for a change. One particular event sparked my journey. I actually met my current husband Alex back then, and he was competing as a bodybuilder in the National Physique Committee (NPC). I was in the audience with a beer and a hot dog, and then these figure girls walked on to the stage in their amazing, sparkly suits. I had heard of men’s bodybuilding, but I had no idea that women were involved or that there were any sort of divisions.

There’s something in me that needs to have my own story and goals—my own journey to get to where I want to be. When I saw those figure competitors, I knew that my goal was to compete on that stage. That one moment became my driving force.

So, I made an investment: I signed up for a figure show, paid the registration fees, and spent the 0 on a suit. I knew I was going to do a show, no matter what. I tracked my progress and stayed motivated by meeting like-minded people and joining motivational communities like BodySpace.

But I was still really self-conscious in the gym. I started working out with Alex, who was my boyfriend at the time. Initially I followed him around and did everything he told me to do, but after I competed in my first show I caught the fitness bug. I fired Alex from telling me what to do, found my inner beast mode, and went from there.

I wanted to look healthy, I wanted to look full, and most importantly I wanted to set a good example for the sport of figure and for women everywhere. I read more articles, did more research, and learned more about what worked for me in the gym. That takes time. Not everybody can have the same workout or diet. What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for the next person. It’s a lot of trial and error.

I was OK with my fitness journey taking 10 or 15 shows over 3-4 years to learn from every single mistake along the way because I knew I’d eventually figure out what works for me. I’m 33 years old right now; I have a better physique, I’m healthier, and I feel better than I ever did in my 20s. It’s incredible, and I want to keep that going for as long as I can.

I want to feel even better at 43 than I do today at 33, and I know the only way to do that is to have a healthy diet, to stay consistent in the gym, and to live the lifestyle.

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Bizzy Diet 21-Day Fitness Plan: Overview –

Give us three weeks: We’ll change your body, your habits, and your life. Lose fat, build strength, get busy.

Join Today!

The 21-Day Bizzy Diet Fitness Plan will reshape your body as it tests your will. This is a crash course, a hardcore action plan, an emergency break-glass-when-needed rescue package for when you’re not happy with your condition — and you need to be, stat.

This is not for beginners. It’s for busy people who already have some training experience, but aren’t as tight as needed for that important event right around the corner: whether it’s a wedding, a photo shoot, or a reunion. Anything, really.

The Bizzy Diet Fitness Plan is simple yet intense. It has options, but it’s strict. It’s only 3 weeks, but the changes you can generate will be profound. You can transform your life in less than a month!

The Bizzy Diet Fitness Plan is simple, but it sure ain’t easy. The training load forces your body to change and adapt. These workouts are backed by lean nutrition, scripted so every calorie and every ounce are planned. If you like treat/cheat meals, forget about it. This is not for you. The Bizzy Plan is for industrious people who seriously want to change, now, without distraction.

The training consists of High Intensity Interval Training and two weightlifting circuits (upper and lower body). The 3-week course puts your body in a state of super-confusion: the training feeds off the diet and supplements, and vice versa. You feed your body, burn more calories than you take in, and then refuel. This happens over and over, melting fat the entire time.

You won’t get an elite physique in 3 weeks, especially if you’ve been out for a while, but you can drop up to 20 pounds. The Plan will teach you proper adherence to nutrition and an ethic of perseverance in the weight room. Think of this as a starter kit for the rest of your life.
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Chassidy Smothers’ Training, Diet, and Nutrition Program –

Chassidy Smothers' Training, Diet, and Nutrition Program -

Get Chassidy’s full program here:
Chassidy Smothers grew up on the hard courts of Sacramento, did a tour in Korea, and is now graduating college. Along the way, she became a fitness champion. Find out how she did it right here!

Although she’s only been in the competition circuit for about a year, Chassidy Smothers has been hugely successful. She maintains, however, that her accomplishments could be achieved by anyone.

She believes that everybody has the potential for greatness. It’s this inspiring personality—along with an incredible physique—that helped her win the 2014 BodySpace Spokesmodel contest.

She might be soft-spoken, but her tenacity and drive to win make her a fierce competitor. Chassidy trains hard, eats clean, and keeps her goals at the forefront of her mind.

Her two-year tour in South Korea with the U.S. Army taught her that discipline and effort are necessary components to success in life and fitness. She’s one badass lady.

To learn more about Chassidy, check out the video below. Follow her effective training, nutrition, and supplement programs to build a stronger body and mind!

Built by Science – Anatomy, Biomechanics, & 6 Week Training Program – Legs –

Check out the full plan here:
The body is a work of art. It’s yours to create. Built by Science will teach you anatomy, biomechanics, and specific exercises so you can build a masterpiece physique.

It’s time to get serious—and smart—about training your legs. Learn the inner workings of your lower body to maximize your growth in the gym!

If you’re serious about building an aesthetic, athletic physique, you simply have to develop your legs. Training them not only helps them look great, but also gives you a strong, stable base for improved performance and additional physical power. In my opinion, your legs are the most important muscle group to train, hone, and build.

And let’s be honest, there’s no way you can build the size and strength you want without using your legs. They’re literally half of your body.

I’m here to teach you more about the muscular and skeletal anatomy of your legs. I’ll also teach you select exercises that can help you build a strong, shredded, and muscular lower body. This trainer brings science and squats together to help you build the lower body you’ve always wanted!

We’ve covered a lot of information, but I hope you understand how important your hips and legs are. If you need to, go back and watch this video again. I want you to get as much out of this trainer as you can. Put this all together and learn why we’re spending time on our legs. To get the most out of our training and the most out of our physique, we need to train legs. As the saying goes: Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.

Look for the exercises and techniques discussed above in the weekly legs workouts of the six-week Built by Science program. Watch all the overview videos before attacking the gym. Remember, you need to combine mind and muscle to build your best possible body.

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We are Your transformation is our passion. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. We provide the technology, tools and products you need to burn fat, build muscle and become your best self.
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Ask the Expert Panel: Nutrition and Diet Roundtable –

Ask the Expert Panel: Nutrition and Diet Roundtable -

Expert Panel: Everything You Need To Know About Nutrition! More diets than ever seem to offer you life-changing results—and have research to back them up. So which one is for you? Two of the best minds in muscle meet up to give you the lowdown!

Read the full article:

What will you eat today? You have a world of choices, and a world of people ready to tell you why you’ve chosen wrong. It can be overwhelming, especially because sometimes it seems like your very life—or at least the life your six-pack, hard-earned muscle mass, or other aesthetic goal—is at stake. So where do you start? Start here!

In the second of our expert panel roundtable discussions, we invited Dr. Jacob Wilson and Dr. Robert Wildman to discuss the fundamentals of goal-based nutrition and how the scientific landscape is rapidly changing. They break down some of the rules that should guide trainees with a range of goals, from losing large quantities of fat, to chiseling off a couple percentage points. Then they discuss three increasingly popular dietary protocols—ketogenic diets, “if it fits your macros,” and intermittent fasting—from the perspective of fat-loss and muscle preservation.

The best way to learn from these experts is to watch the entire video. Then, if you’d like to refer back to specific sections, use the bookmark links below. Don’t see your question answered here? Shout it out in the comments below so they can address it in the future!




Losing fat and building muscle at the same time: Is it possible?
Do I have to lose muscle when I diet?
Macronutrients and changing body composition
The two things you need to build muscle and burn fat


Three meals a day vs. six meals a day
The anabolic effect of protein
The per-meal protein “threshold”
The thermic effect of protein
Other ways protein helps burn calories


The one-week method to determining “maintenance calories”
How to perform a “self-inventory”
Mifflin-St. Jeor vs. Cunningham
Where to start your caloric deficit
Your starting body composition and fat-loss


Your body’s preferred fuel sources and how they can change
Why leaner people need to be careful with caloric deficits
Two supplements that appear to spare muscle tissue when dieting
How to alter your macros and protein intake when calories go down


The importance of cellular signaling and how to take advantage of it
Cardio duration, intensity, and fat-loss
How studies have achieved simultaneous fat-loss and muscle development


Training frequency: The old way vs. the Norwegian way
How to balance intensity and frequency
The muscle protein synthesis “window” and training experience level
Heavy lifting vs. hypertrophy training
The importance of listening to your body for training—particularly when dieting


How most people get it wrong
The importance of fats, and the perfect keto macros
Carb-adapted vs. fat-adapted or “keto-adapted”
How long it takes to get “fat-adapted”
Why very high-protein ketogenic dieting may not work
Ketones and hunger level
New research on ketogenesis and health markers
Ketogenic diets and type 2 diabetes
Why there isn’t just one diet for everyone
New research in carbs and training volume
The problem with weekly cyclic keto diets, and a possible solution


What are IIFYM and “flexible dieting?”
“What is sustainable?” vs. “what is optimal?”
What potentially gets lost in IIFYM
The importance of healthy choices
Why your history and “personal inventory” are crucial


The many faces of IF
The importance of muscle and its impact on IF diets
The limitations of existing IF studies
Obese vs. non-obese populations and IF
“Modified” IF protocols for lean athletes
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Fitness Tip Of the Day: Incline Cable Tricep Extentions Powed By Dymatize and

This is a great exercise to hit your triceps and really pull out some great striation because you can focus on squeezing. I love doing this towards the end of a arm workout. Make sure to follow me on BodySpace my name on there is LawrenceBallenger
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Bizzy Diet 21-Day Fitness Plan: Workout B, Lower Body –

Bizzy Diet 21-Day Fitness Plan: Workout B, Lower Body -

Your deadline looms. Shape-up time starts now. No worries: Here’s the lower-body workout that’ll help you get peeled in 21 days!

Get The Full Workout:

Your legs carry you everywhere you go, to morning briefings and power lunches across town. You need a strong lower body so you can chase down your kids Saturday afternoon or stand through a 3-hour presentation by Mr. Monotone.

This 21-day trainer shocks your body into immediate change. This is not for the faint of heart.

This is for people with some experience who need a little extra help getting dialed in for that cruise in June, the summer season of skin, or the wedding that’s right around the corner.

This is an intense 3 weeks, littered with fast-paced, high-rep exercises and buffered by before-and-after HIIT cardiovascular training. Get ready, folks! You may think you’re too busy, but your body can take more than you think. These three weeks begin a lifetime of change, if you commit.
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Bizzy Diet 21-Day Fitness Plan: Workout A, Upper Body –

The clock is ticking. Luckily, you’re transforming! Here’s the upper-body Bizzy workout that’ll help you get peeled in 21 days.

Get The Full Workout:

Your business suit says a lot about you. If it doesn’t fit you anymore, it says more than you want it to. You can get the chest, gut, back and arms you want, and it starts with this 3-week jaunt through a dedicated fitness regimen.

This isn’t easy, and we don’t suggest beginners jump right into this program. It’s designed for people who have been in the gym, who understand the concepts of failure and exhaustion.

These 21 days will make you want to quit, but we know you are stronger than that!

The upper body workout is buffered by intense bursts of HIIT cardio. The lifts are basic, but make sure to watch the videos to know your proper form. This workout is all about intensity. There is little rest and even less room to sit and bemoan your plight or pain.

You don’t have time to whine. You barely have time to work out. That is why this trainer exists, to save you time by energizing your entire body in just 21 days!