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The Fast Guide to the Fast Diet – for people too lazy to read the book

You can get the book here:

This video was prepared to help members of our family and friends support group to succeed on the 5:2 fast diet. It constitutes my point of view on the diet and is not medical advice for heaven’s sake. It was created as a demonstration of what the PowToons online animation package can achieve.

The “How To,” Answer book for EXERCISE, DIET, FITNESS, HEALTH

This is “the how to” answer book, an actual reference book of facts applied, for getting actual “guaranteed measured results” fast, from exercise, diet, and fitness programs!
This book, “The Great Fitness Fraud, by Bert Seelman” provides the step by step, this is the “how to” of fast fat loss, muscle gain, training, and diet, all the while learning the why, and what for life!
This book is an actual basic simple reference, a laid out plan, for the every day fitness person, as well as for coaches, and personal trainers. Bert Seelman is known for his “results are proof” approach, results and website with the same name!

for more info:
bert seelman

Kate Hudson Talks Sex and Fitness in New Book “Pretty Happy” | Celebrity Spotlight | E! News

The author and actress gives advice to women on diet, fitness and getting their groove back from her new book “Pretty Happy.” Watch!


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Kate Hudson Talks Sex and Fitness in New Book “Pretty Happy” | Celebrity Spotlight | E! News
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The Best Diet & Fitness Book Ever – BEXLIFE

The Best Diet & Fitness Book Ever - BEXLIFE


Roni Noone ( and Carla Birnberg ( don’t want to be your gurus. Instead, they want to show you how to unleash your inner guru, take control of your own health, and do it on your terms.

I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

These wellness professionals don’t want to sell you a bag of tricks.

But they DO want you to pick up, read, and feel empowered by their brand new book – What You Can When You Can: Healthy Living on Your Terms (

Their #wycwyc movement flies in the face of the current “wisdom” of the diet and fitness industry and is inspiring the thousands who are taking part to create a health, wellness, and HAPPINESS plan that works for them.


Watch the video to meet these two incredible women (and mamas), and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Also be sure to check out the book trailer here:


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