Healthy Fast Food Meal Choices! Under 500 calories – McDonalds, Subway, & more! – Mind Over Munch

Healthy Fast Food Meal Choices! Under 500 calories – McDonalds, Subway, & more! - Mind Over Munch

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Today I share a healthy meal choice at different fast food restaurants, including McDonalds, Burger King, Panda Express, Chick Fil A, Subway, Starbucks and more!
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Burger King:
Wendys: (click each item to find nutrition)
In N Out: (2015)
Taco Bell:
Chick Fil A: (see each individual item for nutrition)
Panda Express: (2017)
Dunkin Donuts:

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Burn 500 Calories in 45 Minutes With This Cardio and Sculpting Workout | Class FitSugar

Burn 500 calories with this cardio and sculpting workout from Jeanette Jenkins — The Hollywood Trainer.

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The Calculus of Calories: Quantitative Obesity Research

Presented by Kevin Hall, PhD. (NIH)

In this talk, Dr. Hall describes a mathematical approach to understanding the causes and treatment of obesity. Along the way, he debunks many weight loss myths and introduces useful tools to better understand the relationships between diet, physical activity, and body weight.

Dr. Kevin Hall is a Senior Investigator at the NIH where he studies body weight regulation. His laboratory develops mathematical models to help design, predict, and interpret the results of clinical research studies. Dr. Hall has been the recipient of the NIH Director’s Award, the NIDDK Director’s Award, the Lilly Scientific Achievement Award from The Obesity Society, the Guyton Award for Excellence in Integrative Physiology from the American Society of Physiology, and his award-winning Body Weight Simulator ( has been used by more than a million people to help predict how diet and physical activity dynamically interact to affect human body weight.

The views expressed in this video are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Capital Area Skeptics.
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Another What I Eat Video by Me:

For awesome recipes and more into check out:

Hi Guys, in this video I’m going to show you an example of what I eat in a day to feel healthy and energized and to stay slim without counting calories. I’ve made a few videos like this to show the variety of meals I eat as a vegan and that not every day is the exact same thing or even the same amount of food… I really believe in trusting your body and eating until your satisfied and full.

For breakfast today I’m having 2 bananas and a mango that I cut up and put some lemon juice on top of.. I’m also having a bowl of cereal with almond milk, and I added cinnamon, raisins and a bit of brown sugar. The brand of cereal is 365 from Whole Foods.

For Lunch, I’m having steamed carrots and sweet potato, broccoli, corn and rice – I put a bit of cayenne pepper on the rice and squeezed lime juice all over everything and I added a bit of sea salt.

For snacks throughout the day, I love fresh fruit – and during this time of the year , local, organic cherries and berries are everywhere and they taste amazing, so I’ve been having them almost daily.

For dinner I’m having steamed potatoes, green beans and green peas.. I added some ketchup as well.

When I first began eating this way, I definetly was adding more sauces to everything but overtime I began using less and less and I actually really like the taste of the food itself – but If what it takes to get you to eat more filling starchy vegetables is to add some vegan teriyaki sauce or other flavours that you love – then I recommend doing that.. do what works for you.

Thanks so much for watching guys, if you enjoy these videos be sure to give me a thumbs up to let me know. And Have a beautiful day – I’ll see you next time.

Instagram: @melissaalexandria01
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FITNESS MODEL MEAL PLAN | Full meal prep with calories and macros!

This meal plan is 1665 calories per day which works out at 119g carbs, 53g fat and 182g protein.

Remember that this is a generic meal plan which I came up with to suit my body and so it might not suit everyone.

Let me know if you would like a video about how to calculate your own personal macronutrients and calories for your goals!

❤ MEAL 1 (312 CALORIES – 25 CARBS – 12 FAT – 26 PROTEIN) ❤

1/3 cup or 30g oats
1 tsp peanut butter
4 egg whites

❤ MEAL 2 (229 CALORIES – 17 CARBS – 9 FAT – 24 PROTEIN) ❤

95g tinned tuna
40g avocado
2 rice cakes

❤ MEAL 3 (274 CALORIES – 8 CARBS – 9 FAT – 35 PROTEIN) ❤

110g chicken breast
15g cashew nuts
100g cauliflower rice

❤ MEAL 4 (300 CALORIES – 25 CARBS – 9 FAT – 31 PROTEIN) ❤

110g chicken breast
25g shredded light cheese
100g sweet potato

❤ MEAL 5 (351 CALORIES – 37 CARBS – 12 FAT – 28 PROTEIN) ❤

120g banana
40g protein powder
1 tsp peanut butter

❤ MEAL 6 (199 CALORIES – 6 CARBS – 3 FAT – 39 PROTEIN) ❤

140g fish
100g spinach
1 serve of sugar free jelly








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High Carb Hannah, Calories, & Weight Loss – Is she RIGHT?! – Weight Loss Series Extra

High Carb Hannah, Calories, & Weight Loss – Is she RIGHT?! – Weight Loss Series Extra

This weight loss series will be released over the course of several months. Many topics will be addressed including caloric intake, caloric restriction, metabolic damage, nutrient deficiencies, appropriate exercise, endocrine under function (focus on hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue), necessary sleep patterns, gut health, emotional eating, food addiction, binge eating, family resistance, social repercussions of weight loss, cultural patterns that promote obesity, and potentially much, much more! Stay tuned!

Chapter 1- How Many Calories should you eat to LOSE WEIGHT?
Chapter 2 – Transitioning to a Vegan Diet (Whole Food, Plant Based)
Chapter 3 – Essential Nutrition for permanent Weight Loss

Chapter 4 – Best Exercises for Weight Loss
Chapter 5 – Metabolic Damage, Exercise, and Weight Loss
Chapter 6 – Weight Lifting – Beginner Tips
Extra – Are You Accidentally Restricting Calories?

Chapter 7 – Exercise Frequency for Weight Loss
Chapter 8 – A Calorie is NOT a Calorie
Chapter 9 – Caloric Restriction v. Caloric Excess & Dietary Thermogenesis
Extra – HCLF Vegan but still Overweight? Is your Health in Danger?

Chapter 10 – Sleep, Appetite, and Weight Loss
Chapter 11 – Hormones and Weight Loss
Chapter 12 – 6 Diet Tips for Naturally Balanced Hormones

Chapter 13 – Lifestyle Tips for Naturally Balanced Hormones
Chapter 14 – The Weight Loss Nutrient – B12
Chapter 15 – Body Dissatisfaction during Weight Loss

Chapter 16 – We Don’t Want Weight Loss
Chapter 17 – Probiotics, Weight Loss, and why Doctors won’t help
Chapter 18 – Doctors and Diets Fail at Weight Loss

Chapter 19 – Why We Binge. How to Stop for Good
Chapter 20 – Learning Self-Love
Chapter 21 – Family Tension with Veganism and Weight Loss
Extra – Should You Throw Away your Scale?
Extra – Intuitive Eating: Is it Effective?

Chapter 22 – Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, & Addiction: Uncovering the Root Cause
Extra – High Carb Hannah, Calories, & Weight Loss
Now is the time to take responsibility for your health and well being… because, as proven, no one’s going to do it for you. Especially not your doctor.

Questions about Weight Loss, Calories, Nutrition, and Exercise??? Check out my Weight Loss Series:

Your best health and happiest self is achievable through a healthy lifestyle, centering around a Whole, High-Carb, Plant foods, and is only achievable if you stop the excuses, cut the bullshit, and commit to your health as an important priority.

Then we can also acknowledge our inherent responsibility to protect our environment (currently being decimated by animal agriculture: the leading cause of green house gas emissions) and speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves: the billions of sentient beings who are tortured and slaughtered every year. YOUR CHOICES MATTER.

Legit Nutrition Hawaii


High Carb, Low Fat, Low Protein, Plant Based.

If you have any questions, please explore the links below, or feel free to contact me in the comments section!

Essential Documentaries:
Forks Over Knives:
Earthlings Documentary:
Speciesism Movie:

Plant Powered Doctors:
Dr. Pamela Popper:
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Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn:

Animal Rights:
Meet Your Meat:
Animal Welfare:

Additional Resources: (excellent info, recipes can be high in fat)
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30-Minute Full-Body Workout to Burn Calories | Get Fit 2015 Challenge

Take 30 minutes out of your day for fitness! This full-body workout will leave you dripping with sweat and toned all over – it’s a Get Fit 2015 Challenge workout. Plus, you keep moving throughout the 30 minutes to burn serious calories while building metabolism-boosting muscles. Grab a set of medium weights, press play, and bring it!

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